Bending. Offering an array of possibilities

Nordic Steel have several CNC controlled press brakes ready to solve the most challenging tasks

Bending is one of the most frequently used methods in the sheet manufacturing industry. The method is recognized by having a top part shaped like a “cone” and a bottom part shaped like a “V”. The sheet is placed over the bottom part and the top part is pressed down to one of the CNC controlled set positions. The setting is preset by skilled operators to ensure that the finished result achieves the desired angle and quality.

With the help of modern machines, a wide selection of special tools and experienced coworkers we are well prepared to solve the most challenging tasks. The variation in our machine park enables us to be just as competitive on prototypes as in serial production. It’s also worth mentioning that our largest press brake can bend 22mm thick steel in 4 meter lengths!

Our press brakes:

Amada HD-100-3 ATC

Amada HFE 130-3

Amada HFE 320-4

Schrøder IntelliBend 3200

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