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We have our customers to thank for our strong position in the market

Nordic Steel aims towards being the strongest, most reliable, efficient and solution orientated link in our customers value chain, regardless of their specific business or geographical market. We are grateful for our customer’s confidence in our ability to deliver throughout the years. We have received praise and good reviews for the work we have done. We greatly appreciate our loyal customers who act as our ambassadors in the market.


Lauritz Haringstad Løvø, Øglænd System AS:

I look at Nordic Steel as a competitive, competent and reliable subcontractor that we can count on when we need them the most. Furthermore they are located close to our factory, which makes it cost efficient and easy to move parts and tools between our facilities. They also have a well equipped and modern machine park that offers flexibility and that meets our requirements adequately. Nordic Steel have great and highly qualified employees that you can rely on.


Frode Botne, Proserv Norge AS:

Nordic Steel have delivered framework, HPU’s and test panels to us for several years. Over time they have grown very familiar with our routines and they have developed new solutions for us that have made our everyday simpler. For example, they took the initiative themselves to learn engraving and acquired the equipment for it. This has made it possible for us to get a greater amount of our work done by a single supplier. Our collaboration is influenced by good routines, quick response and an informal, pleasant tone. Just how we like it.


Kenneth Hovelsen, Bartec Technor AS:

We work closely with Nordic Steel and it’s very reassuring to have such a reliable supplier. Nordic Steel are always prepared to offer their assistance, whether it be on small or large matters that require custom solutions, or whether we require additional help in meeting production demands. The fact that they have a highly competent technical department makes working with them especially useful when solving new challenges.


Elin Sunnevåg, CRE8 Systems AS:

Just like us at CRE8, Nordic Steel focuses on delivering quality and work one can be proud of. Together we have created some smart solutions that have directly contributed to further development of our systems. We are very pleased to be working with a local supplier that make our everyday more effortless and efficient.

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