Corporate social responsibility in practice

Corporate social responsibility in practice

Nordic Steel Group is a corporation operating responisble for customers, employees, owners, the local community and other interest groups. It is important to us to act as a responsible social actor. With more than 100 employees, we are a major employer and social actor. This position entails a great responsibility for people, society and industry. It's a commitment we chooose to take seriously.


At Nordic Steel Group, we take care of each other and our environment. A safe workplace, with strict HSE requirements, is our highest priority. We do our best to facilitate for all employees and are an Inclusive Employment Enterprise (IA company). Persons who fall outside the labour market for various reasons may be given opportunities at Nordic Steel. The apprenticeship scheme stands strong with us. We believe that the apprenticeship scheme is a social responsibility and we have not only joy, but also a duty, to contribute.


A sustainable local environment and community are of great important to Nordic Steel Group. We sponsor local sports teams to help ensure solid growth conditions for children and young people.

As a responsible employer and contributor to the local community, we have electric car chargers available to customers, employees and most people outside our building. We have electric city bikes right outside the front door. The city bike can easily be accessed through the public transport ticket.Β It should be easy to travel environmentally-friendly to and from Nordic Steel.


As a leading steel centre in Norway, Nordic Steel Group as a pioneer company will do what we can to ensure a continued value creation for society, by lowering environmental impact and emissions.

We will do our best in all areas where we can contribute. Then, of course, we take our share of responsibility for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, the international climate agreement to which Norway has acceded.

Our sustainability responsibility extends beyond several areas. We believe in a sustainable future where profitable companies in growth play an important role. Values are created when we make good use of resources. This applies in production, operations, working life and daily life.

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