All our products are directly from our very own production.

HVAC department

Nordic Steel’s department has deep expertise within the HVAC field and manufactures products of market-leading quality, of course within the agreed upon time. We take pride in it. Always eager and thrilled to join in on your project; we strive to find solutions that are both profitable and productive for both parties.

Nordic Steel offers the production of all types of ducts and equipment for the offshore industry. We supply for rigs, modules, new buildings, converters, yards, units etc. We also supply the construction industry at mass. Both at larger commercial buildings and recently we have delivered to some of the biggest tunnel projects in Norway. We have extensive production areas. Our production area includes large halls with impressive machine parks, which can supply both large and small parts and complete products, whether it be a small bend or large duct systems.

With the ability to customize the production to our customer, we are very flexible in terms of delivery time and production time. With our own welding engineers and extensive experience with the offshore industry’s strictest documentation requirements, it is a matter of course for us to offer complete welding documentation on what is being produced.

Special Production

We customize and tailor the production according to your needs, from sketch to finished product. With our own departments for design, engineering and documentation we are able to offer according to all specifications.

Besides, almost everything we produce is customized to the customer’s specifications and needs. And everything directly from us as a producer. With cutting-edge expertise within the HVAC field, we are able to offer in all classes.

Large dimensions are of no hindrance to us, and all holes can be delivered oval if desired.


We supply equipment for rebuilding, new buildings, ships, shipyards, rehabilitation, maintenance projects etc.
Our large machinery park makes it possible to produce a wide range of products.

• Shutters • Shut-off dampers • Electric fire dampers • Control dampers • Louvers • Grids • Suspenders • Sound trap • Jet hoods • Exhaust • All types of ducts


Download our HVAC-catalogue

The brochure contains amazing solutions and one of a kind specialty production such as giant racks and goosenecks ranging from several meters. Besides, almost everything we produce is customized to the customer’s specifications and needs. With cutting-edge expertise within HVAC, we are able to offer in all classes.

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