Our aim is to
deliver faster and
better than any
other contractor.

Providing good
solutions and
increased profitability
for our customers.

“We work with steel. In all facets of production. At Nordic Steel anything is possible.”

Steel is one of the most versatile and durable materials available to build with. It has contributed more to modern civilization than any other metal. It’s monetary value is second only to oil. That’s its level of importance. Those who master the art of working with steel can achieve the most incredible results.

At Nordic Steel there are no limitations. No assignment is too big or too small. Our aim is to be challenged and to show that we can deliver. There’s not a lot we would turn down. In our world it’s important to be inspired and not intimidated. Anything is possible with the right machinery and qualified professionals. There aren’t many tasks that we can’t solve, and we are always up for a good challenge.