Sustainability strategy 2024

We want to be the player that provides the best answers.

Specific factors we can influence

Nordic Steel has taken responsibility for climate, environment and sustainability for many years. We have taken a clear stand that we will be a leader in our industry within sustainability. For us, this means doing what we can in all areas we can influence.

With a strategic approach to sustainability, we take into account economic, social and environmental factors. Sustainability can also be commercially profitable, while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and taking care of people and the working environment.

Tone Lise Eike, technical draftsman at Nordic Steel

We are committed to concrete results, which is why we are clear in our sustainability work. For us, climate, environment, working life and social responsibility are closely linked. For several years, we have had three sustainability goals that we have concentrated on. Goal 3 on good health and quality of life, goal 8 on decent work and economic growth and goal 13 on halting climate change. These are goals we are still working on. 

However, we are now adding an additional goal that we are working on specifically, which is number 17 on collaboration to achieve the goals. It's no use us becoming more sustainable if the rest of the industry doesn't adapt. We are part of a larger system, a larger world - and to achieve the climate goals, it is important that players in all positions, industries and countries work together. 

We make it possible to choose more environmentally friendly solutions. Our research and innovation project on CO2 emissions per project is underway! We will get actual data on all operations in our production, from material selection to production and transportation.

Rigged for the future

As an industrial company, it is important for us to take the lead and do what we can to increase our positive contribution to sustainable development. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting shows us how everything from fuel consumption, to energy, human rights and working conditions affect our development.

The EU is now expanding its sustainability reporting obligations with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). National rules are being introduced in line with CSRD and many of Nordic Steel's customers will be required to report this year. For us, it is important to have updated and correct sustainability information when our customers start collecting data from their value chain.

Mathias Hult, Head of Marketing

Since 2014, we have reported annually on climate emissions through the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. The Eco-Lighthouse's climate accounts are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG protocol), which is the best-known standard for reporting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Nordic Steel also reports annually on the Transparency Act and works for fundamental human rights and responsible working conditions. We have conducted due diligence assessments in line with the OECD Guidelines. In this work, we have identified potential and actual negative impacts and significant human rights risks in our own operations and in our value chain. We published our Transparency Act statement in June 2023. From 2023, we have also reported on the Activity and Accountability Statement, which specifically captures our work on gender equality and discrimination.

Research and innovation project

Nordic Steel is embarking on an innovative and topical research and innovation project. We will have actual measurements on all operations we do in production, from machines, bending and welding. At the same time, we are collecting information from the value chain, such as purchasing of materials and transportation. Our customers will get a complete picture of the climate emissions in a project.

Frida Layti, Project Manager at Nordic Steel and PhD student (UiS)

All data will be incorporated into our business system. When we provide a quote to customers, the carbon footprint of each operation will be listed. Here we will see which parts of a quote have the highest emissions. For example, if the steel that forms the basis of the quote has the highest emissions, we can take action by purchasing a greener steel.

"This project provides our customers with documentation of their greenhouse gas emissions. This can strengthen the basis for decision-making, enabling customers to make an informed choice and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Four sustainability goals

The UN has created a joint work plan for the whole world to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. The work plan shows how our common challenges are interconnected, and consists of 17 sustainable development goals that address climate, environment, economy and social conditions. 

Nordic Steel supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we have a number of initiatives and processes that emphasize the different goals. We divide our sustainable choices into three core areas: people, labor and the environment. In addition, collaboration is essential to us. The three core areas, and the section on collaboration, are all linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We have selected some of the goals that we focus on in particular, because this is where we can make an extra difference. By highlighting some goals, we commit ourselves and set a clear direction for our sustainability work.

Our sustainability goals

We are also working on the other SDGs. We recognize many of the goals in our values. Gender equality, industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities and responsible consumption and production are important goals for us.

Nordic Steel sees our sustainable choices and climate footprint as crucial to our future competitiveness. As a company, we will have a profile that is sustainable and climate-friendly. We take responsibility in the green shift, and as a cornerstone company in the local community, we take responsibility for people, working life, the environment and cooperation.

We will do what we can, in all areas where we can contribute. We are part of the solutions of the future.

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Words from Børre

We want to be the player that provides the best answers.

As Norway's leading center of expertise in steel, we meet high expectations from our customers, in everything from design and engineering to quality and delivery time. Often, customers also want environmentally friendly alternatives, such as green steel. Some also want environmental accounts. Everyone recognizes the importance of safe, Norwegian production. We have solid suppliers and partners who want to deliver good products and services that are also good for the environment. 

Børre Lobekk, Group CEO

National and international actors come to us with a desire for cooperation. When both public agencies and private companies ask for help, advice or assistance in the field of sustainability, it shows that we are doing a lot of things right.

Many people have high expectations of us. Fortunately, we set the highest expectations for ourselves. At a competence center, you will get the best solutions. We will deliver as agreed, we will solve problems for the customer. We will create value. 

We particularly enjoy helping to solve challenges. This applies to customers who need a new and more production-friendly design. It's government agencies that need help in assessing environmental criteria, or suppliers who want to become environmentally certified. And local communities that need support, especially to get children and young people involved and active.

We care about those around us. Together, everyone who represents Nordic Steel has a responsibility. Our business provides the basis for further operations and we are helping to change an industry. So we must also give back to the local community.

I am genuinely happy to contribute to gender equality and equal opportunities in football, by sending Bryne's women's team to a training camp before the start of the season, and by supporting grassroots sports in particular. We also support Kulturbanken, which offers dance, theater and music. In May, we ensure that children and young people have their own alcohol-free music festival with Litla Jærnåttå. 

This year, we have added a new SDG that we will be working specifically on. The goals of good health and quality of life, decent work and economic growth, and halting climate change are still important to us. We are adding the goal on collaboration. We see that it is absolutely necessary to fight both climate change and inequality. We are part of a larger system and everyone must work together to achieve the goals, sharing everything we can in meetings, at conferences, in professional articles and networks. A competence center will contribute - because we want to influence areas where we can have an impact. It is important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will be the player that provides the best alternatives - without any bullshit, without just fine words.

I am proud that we are in the process of obtaining actual data on all operations and from the entire value chain, to give our customers the opportunity to make the right choices. Customers get an overview of which parts of the process have the highest emissions, and are given the opportunity to take action where it actually has the most impact. We believe that this is the practical and real way we can change an industry. We need to make the right choices together.

Børre Lobekk, Group CEO

It was the right choice for us to partner with Finnish steel manufacturer Outokumpu. To be part of the solution in the global fight against climate change, we need to work with the best. Outokumpu is a world-leading producer of stainless steel. 

Our own climate emissions remain low. The figure for CO2 emissions was higher in 2023 compared to the previous year, but it is lower compared to the growth we have had in revenue and activity. We also report on even more factors than before.

Nordic Steel continues to grow. In 2023, Stamas Productions became part of us, and they have brought us both good people and a lot of expertise. Nordic Steel is still being built brick by brick, we are consolidating our position - and have safe workplaces. In fact, we're going to build even more, to develop together with our customers and to offer quality production to even more people. 

We've also gained many more colleagues at Nordic Steel over the past year. It's fantastic to walk around the corridors and production halls, I see so many positive people and good smiles. We get to contribute to so many exciting things in all industries and are involved in projects both far underwater and high in the air, everything from equipment for subsea offshore to the aerospace industry.

The people who help make this possible work in Bryne, Ålesund and Oslo. It was incredibly nice when we invited all employees and their families to an open day in September. We had a tent outside in one of the parking lots to accommodate everyone. There was food, activities for the children and a tour of the halls. I actually think many people were as happy and proud as I was to show off everything we make, everything we're involved in.

Now we are stepping on the gas in a new year. We have ambitions to grow more. We will find the best solutions, make what customers need in steel - and we will change the industry in a more sustainable direction. 

Nordic Steel

This is us

Nordic Steel is Norway's leading center of expertise in steel. We work with engineering, advanced plate processing, certified welding and assembly. We deliver high-quality mechanical production and project management to customers in all industries. These include renewable energy, aquaculture and maritime, HVAC, energy and offshore, transport and infrastructure, construction, defense and aerospace, piping, and various other industries.

Since 2013, Nordic Steel has positioned itself as one of Norway's most serious steel centers. In 2019, the company moved into a modern, new head office in Bryne. In 2022, Nordic Steel expanded with a new production facility, which has become Norway's most modern welding hall. The company has its own sales offices in Oslo and Ålesund. At the beginning of 2024, we have a total of around 140 employees.


The sustainability strategy is anchored in Nordic Steels Group's management and in all parts of the Group.

Eco-Lighthouse certified

Nordic Steel is a certified Eco-Lighthouse company. We are also ISO 9001 certified. We use figures and environmental data from the Eco-Lighthouse's annual climate and environmental report as a management tool.

Eco-Lighthouse certification helps to support a number of sustainability goals, particularly in areas that deal with companies' inputs, activities, products and services (source: Eco-Lighthouse).

Through EcoLighthouse Norway's digital system for environmental management, we as a company have access to statistics and climate accounts to measure the effect of our environmental work. This gives us the opportunity to implement measures that work. Eco-Lighthouse's climate accounts are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), which is the most widely recognized standard for reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

Opportunities and challenges regarding sustainability in the steel industry

The steel industry is changing and in the coming years we will see major changes and new opportunities as we transition to a greener industry.

Steel production requires a lot of heat to melt steel, so the production process is traditionally energy-intensive with high CO2 emissions. Fortunately, players in the steel industry and governments around the world are working on measures to reduce emissions.

Nordic Steel works closely with the most forward-thinking players in the industry. We support the production of green steel and closely follow the development of fossil-free steel production that is already underway among several players.

Our forward-thinking attitude and willingness to make a difference is noticed. Our customers get the greenest steel when they do business with Nordic Steel.

Christopher Vold

First in Norway

In 2023, we became the first in Norway to offer the world's most sustainable stainless steel to our customers, through a unique collaboration with Finnish steel producer Outokumpu. Circle Green steel has 93 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than the global industry average. The production of Circle Green was the first of its kind in the world. No other steel manufacturer has managed to produce stainless and acid-resistant steel with such low emissions, when all climate emissions from cradle to grave are taken into account. The emission figures from Circle Green include the entire life cycle, from raw material extraction, production, transportation, use and recycling. Outokumpu produces Circle Green in Finland - and from Nordic Steel's point of view, this means that transportation to Norway is much shorter than from many other steel producers.

However, green steel is more than steel produced with low greenhouse gas emissions. We can offer steel with up to 90% recycled material to our customers.

The lifespan of steel is almost infinite. Steel is the world's most recyclable material, it can be recycled again and again and is an important part of a circular economy. Recycling steel is a task we take seriously, and all steel waste is sorted and sent for recycling. We use Stena Recycling AS, which is one of the most forward-thinking partners in the circular economy. They ensure that the waste is returned to the steelworks as clean as possible for reuse. 

We make sustainable choices in our own operations, transportation and choice of suppliers. We have modern machinery and new buildings that use little electricity. Carriers with whom we have framework agreements must be fair transport certified. We use local and environmentally certified suppliers.

We are happy to offer fabrication with recycled steel and can help to ensure environmental requirements for the customer by choosing steel that is recycled and produced in an environmentally friendly way. Thorough documentation is included with deliveries. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and climate accounts are available from us.

The steel industry worldwide is undergoing an exciting development. We know that it offers great opportunities. Nordic Steel is a safe and serious partner in the green shift.

Tone Lise Eike, Thorbjørn Jensen, Connie Ranatunga, Thor Gunnar Halvorsrød and Bjørnar Huru

Climate risk

Climate risk is about how the physical consequences of climate change affect nature and society, and what the transition to a net zero emissions society entails. The Climate Risk Committee in Norway assessed climate-related risk factors and their significance for the Norwegian economy in 2018. The Committee points out that climate change gives rise to climate risk, and that it is anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. *  

Nordic Steel is affected by climate risk, like most other companies around the world. In the table below, we assess various risk factors that are relevant to Nordic Steel. We look at the probability and impact of different factors. We also assess relevant measures for each factor.

Climate risk assessment for Nordic Steel:

Several risk factors may be difficult to influence, but we still have an impact on many factors. At Nordic Steel, we work actively to turn the opportunities of the low-carbon society into a competitive advantage.

We have an organization built around flexibility, adaptability and innovation. A high level of expertise in engineering and design enables us to solve problems and optimize products for our customers. Demand from new markets, for new production and ideas, fits our organization perfectly. 

We have been supplying new industries and new technologies for many years. Nordic Steel has taken a strong position in offshore wind, and we also deliver to many different projects within charging infrastructure, carbon capture and onshore fish farms. 

It is important for us to maintain a diversified customer portfolio. We deliver to projects in renewable energy, oil and gas, transport and infrastructure, aquaculture and maritime, construction, defense and aerospace, HVAC and piping. This means that we are not exposed to major fluctuations in the market, as perhaps others are. 

Norwegian production is also a climate advantage for us. We have gathered our entire organization in Norway, and it is often a short distance to our customers. Many of our suppliers are located nearby, which in turn reduces emissions from transportation. 

We get the raw materials we depend on from all over the world. Steel is one of the raw materials we buy from wholesalers and steelworks. However, many of the steel producers are located in Finland and Sweden, where the distance is not so great. We use local suppliers of other goods as often as we can. Their supply chains can also be affected by access to raw materials and transportation challenges, which can have an impact on us.

Nordic Steel is well equipped to withstand many climate risk factors. The choices we make and the actions we take mitigate climate risk. We continuously assess risks and changes in the market to adapt and look ahead.

*NOU 2018:17 Climate risk and the Norwegian economy


Nordic Steel has a large number of stakeholders who are in contact with us and affected by our activities in various ways. It is important for us to have an open and active dialog with everyone around us.

A stakeholder is a person, group or organization that has a common interest, right or influence on a business, project or decision.

Through dialog with both external and internal stakeholders, we obtain information about which topics are most important. For employees, these include good management, safe working conditions and career opportunities. For customers, it is quality products, value creation, delivery precision and good service. The local community, organizations and associations see value in cooperation, support and local employment.

Stakeholder map

Sustainable choices in Nordic Steel

Human (Good health and Quality of Life)

Health, safety and the environment (HSE) is a top priority at Nordic Steel, and we take active responsibility for the health of our employees. We have therefore chosen the UN's goal of good health and quality of life as a goal we specifically work towards.

"Good health is a fundamental prerequisite for 

people to reach their full potential and to 

contribute to the development of society."

*fn.no (FN-sambandet)

Health, Safety and Environment

Everyone should have a safe and secure workplace and everyone should return home safely at the end of the working day. We work actively with HSE through training, follow-up, routines and safety inspections. Good terms of employment and proper insurance schemes also help to safeguard employees on a daily basis.

Work Environment 

A good working environment is important for employees' physical and mental health. We believe that employees who are happy at work also do a better job. A good social environment is something we work for every day. Low sickness absence and few employees leaving the company help to underpin this. In 2023, we had a sickness absence rate of 1.9 percent.

We have established industrial protection, which is our own emergency response that can quickly deal with fires, injuries, gas and chemicals before the emergency services arrive.

We mention among others:

• Follow-up of sick leave

• Collaboration with the occupational health service

- Occupational health survey

• Ergonomic audits and risk assessment

- Noise measurement

• Safety inspections

• Employee 1:1

• First aid training

• Department meetings 

- Training opportunities 

• Social activities


We have facilitated personal training and physical activity with a state-of-the-art fitness room in the building. All employees and their families have access to this room.

We are a sponsor of InterPadel Bryne and have joint training sessions at the center every week. We are also part of the corporate series in bowling at Bryne.

Those who need it can receive treatment at a local fitness and physiotherapy center, with which we have an agreement. A personal training program and guidance for the individual is also an option.

Healthy Lunch Offer

We offer a healthy and varied lunch buffet in the canteen every day. Gathering around the dining table is valuable for cohesion and the environment in the workplace. Through certified canteen operations, we reduce food waste and make environmentally friendly choices with goods and purchases. The canteen is Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Debio-labeled, and we have organic food, food from NYT Norway and food with the Keyhole label.

The Local Community

A sustainable local environment and community is important to us. We sponsor local sports and cultural life with significant amounts annually, to help ensure good growing conditions for children and young people. We want to help make our region an attractive place to live and work.

Action plan - we will:

- Have zero lost time injuries in the year

- Have a sick leave rate below 3.5 percent per year

- Have safety rounds every other month

- A social Friday meeting every month

- Paddle training every Monday

- Corporate bowling every month

- A "green" theme every month internally

- Promote ourselves locally by supporting sports, culture and business. We support Bryne FK, Nærbø IL, Varhaug IL, Undheim IL, Jæren Golfklubb, Kulturbanken, Ønsketransporten, Markus-løpet, Gledespatruljen and Litla Jærnåttå, to name a few

Working Life (Decent Work and Economic Growth)

Nordic Steel ensures a stable and safe working life for everyone who works for us, and we indirectly contribute to 41 jobs at subcontractors. * The UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are about promoting lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all, is also one of the goals we have specifically chosen to work towards.

It is a matter of course for us to comply with applicable laws and regulations in Norway. We take responsibility for a serious and decent working life, including skilled workers, wages, apprentices and working conditions. Nordic Steel aims to attract and develop talent in many different disciplines. Our organization is better when we have a diversity of background, gender, age, competence and ethnicity.

Customers and Industries

Through a diversified customer portfolio and deliveries to many different industries, Nordic Steel is not as exposed to market fluctuations as other players may be. In 2023, the distribution of Nordic Steel's sales to different industries was as follows: Energy and offshore 48 percent, transportation and infrastructure 23 percent, building and construction 13 percent, renewable energy 9 percent, aquaculture and maritime industry 4 percent, and miscellaneous industries 3 percent. 


Nordic Steel has the will, expertise and resources to invest in the future. As a cornerstone company in Jæren, we invest in buildings, machinery and equipment for increased productivity, more people in work and a safe working life. In this way, we grow together with our customers and create value for all stakeholders.


We have agreements with companies that are fair transport certified. This means that the vehicle fleet, service, employment contracts and wages for drivers must be in order. We take our duty of care seriously.


We have several apprentices at Nordic Steel, now in production engineering and welding. We also have several schoolchildren who come to work with us on certain weekdays. We're lucky to be able to see what people are made of and help shape young people at an early stage. Apprentices gain responsibility, confidence and get to try many different tasks. In 2024, we are looking for more apprentices.


Nordic Steel provides jobs and opportunities to people who, for various reasons, have fallen out of the labor market or who need work and language training. We also have an agreement with NAV on work-oriented measures. At the end of 2023, a Ukrainian refugee started working with us. She first came to us through an agreement with NAV. She is now a permanent employee and has important skills that we need. 

Gender Equality and Human Rights

An important part of people's fundamental rights is education, employment and an adequate standard of living.

At Nordic Steel, it goes without saying that gender equality is also part of our rights. Equality at all levels is an important part of the company and everyone should have equal opportunities. We report on the Activity and reporting obligation, which sets requirements for the work to promote equality and prevent discrimination.

The business is in the mechanical industry, which has traditionally employed the most men. There are few women among the employees compared to the number of men, but the number of women has multiplied in recent years.

From 2024, there is a legal requirement for 40 percent gender balance on the board of small and medium-sized companies. These are requirements that Nordic Steel will naturally also follow.

Respect for all types of people and the universal rights that all people have is something that is very important to us. War and conflicts mean that human rights are challenged and many people close to us feel this very closely today. 

Transparency law

The Transparency Act is intended to ensure that businesses respect fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, and that the general public has access to information about this. The Act applies to us, our suppliers and business partners. 

We have conducted due diligence assessments based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in line with OECD guidelines. We work strategically on working conditions, working environment and human rights with employees and suppliers. Being open about human rights risks and opportunities contributes to better working conditions throughout the industry.

Action plan - we will:

- Take on more apprentices every year

- Attend trade days and school events to recruit more apprentices and young workers

- Increase the number of environmentally certified suppliers

- Conduct follow-up meetings with key suppliers, where we interact and develop to become better together

- Perform due diligence in line with the Transparency Act by the end of June

- Carry out the duty of activity and reporting, for work on gender equality and preventing discrimination

- Conduct employee survey

*DnB's ripple effects in 2023

Environment (stop climate change)

We will help to combat climate change and its consequences. Therefore, the goal of stopping climate change is a key objective for us.

It is important for us to do our best in all areas we can influence. We have our own environmental management system in the company, with our own environmental handbook, which all employees are introduced to when they join us.

Through EcoLighthouse Norway's climate accounts, we have annual reporting of greenhouse gases. Our footprint has decreased in recent years, when compared with growth in sales and premises. In 2023, our greenhouse gas emissions were 136.53 tons of CO2. This is an increase of 64 percent from the previous year. However, we have seen a 105 percent growth in revenue and a 51 percent increase in the number of full-time equivalents during the same period. 

CO2 emissions by scope 1, 2 and 3 

We currently report on scope 1 (direct emissions from machinery and vehicles), scope 2 (indirect emissions from energy use) and parts of scope 3 (indirect emissions from the supply chain).

The number of employees in Nordic Steel increased in 2023. This affects scope 1 emissions. Vehicles from Stamas Productions, which joined us in 2023, are also included. We also have many construction trucks in use in our production facilities and logistics department. In recent years, we have replaced diesel forklifts with electric forklifts. We now have three diesel forklifts, 12 electric forklifts and two electric pallet trucks in use. The last diesel trucks will also be phased out.

The largest emission that we currently measure comes from energy use (scope 2). We are therefore implementing measures to reduce energy consumption. Our buildings and machinery are new, modern and energy-efficient. The production halls are energy labeled A and the administration building is energy labeled B. The newest welding hall has waterborne heating with a heat pump. We actively seek to reduce our footprint by streamlining production and making demands on suppliers and partners.

Our biggest emissions are in scope 3, which are indirect emissions from the supply chain. This includes the materials we use and transportation. We do not measure all categories within scope 3, but our goal is to achieve even more each year. From the year 2023, we reported for the first time on flights and mileage, which also fall into this category. With our research and innovation project on CO2 emissions for each project, we get numbers that are very useful for reporting more within scope 3.

Waste Management

We sort and recycle everything possible from production through approved schemes. All steel waste is recycled and becomes part of the circular economy. In 2023, we got a compactor for cardboard and plastic, which compresses the waste. This means fewer emptying operations, and thus less need for transportation.


We minimize the use of hazardous chemicals and actively seek sustainable substitutes. We conduct chemical substitution assessments every year, with the aim of replacing hazardous chemicals with equivalent products, if available.

Transportation: Electric car chargers and city bikes

It should be easy to travel to and from Nordic Steel in an environmentally friendly way. We have many electric city bikes right outside our front door. The city bikes can easily be combined with trains or buses at Bryne station.

As a responsible employer and contributor to the local community, we have for several years had electric car chargers available for employees, customers and anyone else who needs charging outside our building. In total, we have 22 EV chargers.

We use carriers that are fair transport certified and have a fleet of vehicles with environmentally friendly alternatives.


In the case of framework agreements, companies that supply us must document environmental responsibility and/or certification. We follow up suppliers on environmental and human rights issues and have our own procedures for purchasing and handling suppliers. We are happy to help suppliers with environmental and certification issues.

Green Steel

We can offer green steel. This is steel that is produced in renewable or nearly emission-free production and steel with a high content of recycled steel.

We are working closely with leading players around the world who are starting to produce green steel. Over the next few years, we will see major changes in emission-free production.

Steel recycling

Reusing steel means that we use the steel as it is, over and over again, without melting it into new steel. This has major climate benefits. Steel is a type of building material that is suitable for reuse. We have experience of reusing steel, including in the construction of a new teaching building for Kristiania University College in central Oslo.

Action plan - we will:

- The percentage increase in CO2 emissions vs percentage increase in revenue shall be kept stable. It shall not exceed the ratio between emissions and revenue, with reference figures to 2020

- Increase the number of projects with Circle Green steel or equivalent

- Report more categories within scope 3, which are indirect emissions

- Reduce the number of hazardous chemicals to fewer than seven

- Keep the recycling rate of waste above 90 percent

- Replacing diesel trucks with electric trucks

Roy Fuglestad and Helge Skretting

Collaboration (Working together to achieve goals)

To achieve the sustainability goals that almost the entire world is united around (through the UN's 2030 Agenda), we need to work together. It's no use us becoming more sustainable if the rest of the industry doesn't change. We are part of a larger system, and to achieve the SDGs, it is important that players in all positions, industries and countries work together. We see collaboration to achieve the goals as central to the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Research and innovation project

We have several leading players involved in the innovation project to measure actual greenhouse gas emissions from everything we produce. Several major customers are supporting the project, which will provide factual figures for decision-makers. We see this as a great commercial opportunity to bring the greenest solutions to the market.

Circle Green and Outokumpu

Collaboration with Finnish steel producer Outokumpu to offer the world's most sustainable stainless steel, Circle Green, to Nordic Steel's customers in Norway. The steel has 93 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than the industry average.


We have partnered with Compera, a start-up company that is developing a tool for sustainability reporting and comparison of suppliers. It is a good way to get an overview, compare and rank suppliers according to climate, sustainability and human rights.

Customers and partners

We strive to create the best solutions for our customers. We offer short-distance production and tailor-made solutions. With great expertise in design and engineering, we optimize products and ensure that the right steel is used for each project. We can offer the greenest steel on the market to our customers.

Competence sharing

For us, collaboration also means sharing knowledge. We write professional articles and share our knowledge in areas such as steel production, sustainable solutions and engineering. This can enable both private and public sector players to learn more and make good choices.

Networking and conferences

We participate in conferences and trade fairs, both as participants and speakers. We use these opportunities to make more people aware of Nordic Steel, Norwegian production and sustainable solutions. We also participate in several sustainability and HSE networks. There we make important contacts, expand our own knowledge and share our knowledge with others.

Young Steel Network

Yngres Stålnettverk (YSN) is part of the Norwegian Steel Association and the country's largest network for young steel enthusiasts. The network aims to strengthen cooperation and share knowledge between young professionals in the steel industry. Nordic Steel is responsible for leading YSN centrally and for the regional branch in Rogaland.

Action plan - we will:

- Include our customers in research and

 the innovation project on CO2 emissions 

- Participate in conferences, trade shows and networks

- Writing professional articles and sharing knowledge

Selected Data from Nordic Steel

Below are statistics for recent years with data for selected factors in Nordic Steel. These are important input factors that can be linked to the measurement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Turnover in million NOK per year vs tons of CO2 per year

C02 emissions

2021: 84.6 tons

2022: 85.3 tons

2023: 136.5 tons

We have modern and energy-efficient buildings, which were new in 2019 and 2022. The production buildings have energy label A, the administration building has energy label B. We have new, industry-leading machines, both in welding and sheet metal work, that use little electricity.

Nevertheless, we have significantly higher activity in 2023 than in previous years, and this is again reflected in our largest emission factor, which is energy. Sales have increased significantly over the past year (105 percent increase), as has the number of FTEs (51 percent increase in the number of FTEs). We also use more electricity for charging than before. We now have 12 electric forklifts, two electric pallet trucks and only three diesel forklifts left.

We also report on even more factors than before. In 2023, we have added business travel by air, mileage allowance, fuel consumption, water consumption and chemical use. We also perform substitution assessments of chemicals.

Energy consumption

Waste recycling

2021: 93.0 percent

2022: 92.2 percent

2023: 93.9 percent

We have good waste routines and take waste recycling seriously. There are marked containers and waste stations both indoors and outdoors. We sort waste in all buildings, both in administration and production. In 2023, we got a compactor for cardboard and plastic, which compresses the waste. This means fewer emptying operations and less need for transportation. 

Steel is an important part of the circular economy because it can be melted down an infinite number of times and recycled into new steel without compromising the quality and properties of the material. For us, all steel waste is used as recycled steel. In 2023, 539,634 kilograms of steel waste was sent for recycling and 100 percent of this was recycled into new, more environmentally friendly steel.

Following the acquisition of Stamas Productions and the merger of Nordic Steel Construction, we have had an extra large amount of waste after clearing premises. We are therefore proud that 93.9 percent of absolutely all waste was recycled in 2023.


2022: NOK 68,290,264 is purchases from suppliers with a certified environmental management system

2023: 129,398,688 are purchases from suppliers with a certified environmental management system

In 2022, we collected data from our significant suppliers above NOK 100,000. In 2023, we have raised the sum to NOK 200,000, as the amount of purchases and the number of suppliers has increased significantly. In total, we had 105 significant suppliers in 2023. Of these, 61 are environmentally certified or in the process of environmental certification. Of purchases measured in NOK from significant suppliers, we have only included those that are certified.

We buy more eco-labeled goods and services. The cleaning in Nordic Steel is Nordic Swan Ecolabeled. The canteen is both Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Debio-labeled. We serve food that is organic, Keyhole labeled and from NYT Norway. We have many consumables for the operation of buildings that are eco-labeled. In 2023, we purchased 53 different eco-labeled consumables. 

We encourage the suppliers we work with to get certified and provide advice and support if anyone needs it.

Absence due to Illness

2021: 2.8 percent

2022: 3.0 percent

2023: 1.9 percent

A good and safe working environment is important. We work actively to maintain a good environment at Nordic Steel, with several social activities and training opportunities. These include joint paddle training, company bowling and a social gathering after work one Friday a month. We also have our own training room in our building.

One Sunday in September 2023, we held an open day for all employees and their families. We had a joint dinner, entertainment for the children, a guided tour, 3D steel puzzles and a visit from the ice cream truck. It is important for us to include the families of our employees, and the day was very successful.

However, the regular working day is more important than social meeting places. We emphasize seeing each other, smiling and saying hello. It should be good to work at Nordic Steel and we also want to meet others with the same good tone we have.

Sickness absence is a good sign that people are happy at work and want to go to work. We are proud of a total sickness absence rate of 1.9 percent (long-term absence of 1.21 percent, self-certification and child sickness of 0.69 percent) in 2023. This is far below our target of 3.5 percent.

Absence injuries

2021: 0

2022: 0

2023: 0

The statistics on lost-time injuries show zero injuries with absence all the way back to 2013. Health, safety and the environment is a continuous effort, with emphasis on good training, routines and risk analyses. 

We have established an industrial safety committee and hold regular safety rounds. HSE is a topic at all department meetings and daily operational meetings. Together with the occupational health service, we have held courses on noise and welding fumes in the workplace.

HSE is the theme of several of our "green months". In 2023, the topics included forklift driving, lifting and the use of protective equipment. Our goal is zero injuries every single day, and it must be safe to work with us. Any HSE deviations are registered and dealt with every day when they occur.


2021: 5

2022: 6

2023: 6 (4)

Olaug Skartland Byberg, Head of Projects at Nordic Steel

The number of apprentices is the number of apprentices working with us in the year in question. Most apprentices are trained as apprentices for two years.

Nordic Steel takes on apprentices every year, in sheet metal work, production engineering and welding. It has been more difficult to recruit new apprentices over the past year, but we hope more young people will choose a vocational education that we will need in the future. There are secure jobs in the mechanical industry in Jæren.

In 2023, we were able to congratulate two of our apprentices with certificates in production engineering, Thomas Skrettingland and Endre Berge Skaret.