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Aerospace & defence

Nordic Steel is your safe and solid supplier of mechanical production for defense equipment.

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Renewable energy

"The green shift is the future and we will be a part of it.
Børre Lobekk
CEO, Nordic Steel Group
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We take part in the construction of public and private buildings. New buildings, rebuilds, superstructures – we deliver everything the industry desires within steel, roofing and assembly throughout all of Norway.

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Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are essential components to value creation in Norway and are of great importance to the Norwegian economy. We are an experienced contributor to this industry.

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Infrastructure is essential to everyone who travels in the public sphere. Roads, tunnels, bridges, parks and urban environments are crucial parts of the infrastructure in the community. Infrastructure requires a great amount of steel.

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With many years of experience, Nordic Steel knows the requirements placed on quality and finish, both in terms of fish health, aesthetics and function.

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Nordic Steel's HVAC department has cutting-edge expertise in the field and produces ducts and equipment of market-leading quality at the agreed time.

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For our customers, we are a total supplier in advanced plate machining, certified welding and assembly.

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We are grateful for the trust our customers have shown us through the years and continue to show us. We get praise and great feedback for the job we do. The fact that the customers choose to return time and time again is a vote of trust and gives us motivation to continue to deliver the highest quality.

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