It doesn't get any more precise.

At Nordic Steel, we use CNC-controlled laser machines to cut into all metals, such as steel sheets, acid-resistant steel, aluminum and many more. A good machine operator and computerized technology ensure efficient production flow and great flexibility in what we can offer you as a customer.

Work with laser machine

Laser cutting is an extremely fast and accurate technology, in which a laser beam is used to cut the materials. The technology works by using a powerful laser beam, or high-energy laser light. The laser beam is driven through either an optical lens or fiber that generates a strong beam that cuts through the material. At Nordic Steel we have both optical and fiber lasers.

The cutting method is especially strong for creating precise contours and accurate holes, all in very high quality. When using laser cutting, we avoid scratches and uneven cutting surfaces. The quality will be perfect, in both thin and thick material.

The laser technology therefore allows us to produce parts according to your preferences, with very high precision, at competitive prices.

Our highly automated laser machines also contribute to a reduced energy consumption. We are proud that all of our machines run on renewable, green energy, through the agreement 100 percent hydropower from Lyse. Through this agreement, we reduce CO2 emissions by 350,000 kilos a year.

Accurate laser cutter

A laser cutter is used to cut through various types of materials using a strong beam. The laser is then focused on the material and burns through it, so that the desired result is achieved.

Laser cutting is mainly used to create products with complex patterns and details, and is an accurate and fast method.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  1. Laser cutting is an accurate method of cutting through materials with high precision. This allows you to create complex patterns and designs with great accuracy
  2. Laser cutting is fast. The laser can cut through materials in a short time, which makes it possible to produce many products in a short time
  3. Laser cutting can be used on different types of material qualities. This gives great flexibility in production
  4. Laser cutting provides a clean and even cut, without causing damage or deformation to the material. This provides a better starting material for further processing
  5. Laser cutting can be used to create products with complex shapes and details. This gives us the opportunity to create unique products with high quality
Our laser machines:

Amada REGIUS-3015 AJ 6 KW

Amada ENSIS-3015 AJ 6KW


  • Max working area: 3070×1550 mm
  • Max soft steel thickness: 30 mm
  • Max thickness stainless steel: 30 mm
  • Max thickness aluminum: 30 mm

(PS: We also offer cutting with water or plasma of all thicknesses.)

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