Product overview

Solid valve that provides optimum airflow while being stick-proof, protects against direct rainwater.
Rectangular valve for ventilation systems
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Corten steel planter box square can be obtained in any dimensions. Possibility of cut-ins and carvings in the register itself.
Corten steel planter box square
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The special bend is available in several types and dimensions.
Special legs with a stick
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With its stylish design and high-quality materials, this outdoor lamp adds a modern and elegant touch to any outdoor environment.
Glitter pole
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The log is used for both supply and discharge air. Available in several types and dimensions.
Collector's stick
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The class A rectangular special bend is designed and prepared for use in HVAC systems.
Rectangular Special Bend
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The jet hood captures water in a funnel that would otherwise have entered the duct system. Prevents the duct system from filling with water.
Jet hood
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This circular centric transition is part of the Simduct series and intended for use in duct systems.
Centric transition
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Lint filter boxes are designed to filter out lint.
Lint filter Cassettes [LINT1]
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This circular equipment nipple is part of the Simduct series and intended for use in duct systems.
Equipment nipple
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Rack for large bag up to 1000 kilograms per shelf. Two-part rack with powerful shelves.
Rack for big bag
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Robust and attractive double-sided bench with back that can withstand extreme stress
Double bench with back
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Powerful safety cover with suspension for pressure and explosion shielding.
Press shield safety cover
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The grate has a steel frame around it. Manufactured according to ISO 15138, or otherwise on request.
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Transformer door intended for use in corrosive environments such as attenuatorhorome, relay rooms, and other technical rooms.
Transformer door
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Solution for mounting electronic signs on the guiding edge. Can be adapted to most sign types and fasteners.
Mount for trailing wall-mounted LED sign
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