Privacy statement

Personal data in connection with marketing:

Nordic Steel Group processes personal data in connection with marketing.

This personal data will not be disclosed to other businesses without your approval.

Mailings by e-mail:

It is possible to subscribe to various e-mails from Nordic Steel Group (newsletters, invitations, etc.) This is voluntary and means that you regularly receive e-mail within what you have chosen to subscribe to. In order to carry out these mailings, registration of email address and contact information is required. This information is stored in our CRM and e-mail system.

The legal basis for this processing is consent upon registration. You can withdraw your consent for sending e-mail at any time. Nordic Steel Group will then delete your contact information from the mailing list of the relevant newsletter or other mailing.

Potential customer information:

Nordic Steel Group stores contact information for potential customers. The information is taken from public sources, such as the company's website or the Brønnøysund Register Centre. It can also be based on business cards or correspondence with representatives of the enterprise.

The purpose of this processing of personal data is to conduct marketing aimed at potential customers for our products and services, increase visitor user experience and coordinate this marketing work.

If a dialogue has been established between Nordic Steel Group and a potential customer, and it involves the purchase of product from one of our suppliers, personal data about the contact person can be shared with the relevant supplier for a smoother communication.

Use and storage of data

When you visit our website www.nordicsteel.no or visit our social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you leave digital traces. The external social media sites have their own rules for processing your personal data, which you agree to by accepting their terms of use. If you use our websites without turning off the cookie feature in your browser, you accept our use of cookies.

Use of cookies and web analytics

Cookies are small data files that allow you to recognize your browser and thus store information about how you use a website. Cookies will remain on your mobile phone or PC until they expire or are deleted by you. In addition to cookies, we use small graphic images, called "pixels", from third parties.

What information is registered?

On www.nordicsteel.no, we record, among other things, the following information about you:

  • your location, using your IP address, location data or similar
  • your online tracks, such as which of our pages you visit
  • Technical information about your browser and operating system

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to:

  • Optimize your website's technical functionality, user experience, and content
  • Recognize visits from returning users
  • Analyze and learn from our visitors' behaviour so that we can customize the content and make it as relevant to visitors as possible

You may experience seeing ads from us on other websites, based on content and pages you've visited on www.nordicsteel.no. For this purpose, we use cookies that are issued by third parties and also have technology to reach you on several of your digital devices.

We use Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Hotjar, Google Optimize, Linkedin Marketing Solutions and Facebook Business Manager for traffic analytics, communication and campaign optimization on www.nordicsteel.no.

How to avoid cookies

If you don't want to allow cookies to be stored on your mobile or PC, you can also turn off your browser's functionality. Please note that this may cause you to lose some functionality both on our website and on other websites.

You can delete cookies by following the instructions for deleting cookies in your browser's own website. Here are some examples:

Nordic Steel Group uses Mailchimp to track how you handle e-mail communication. You can reserve against this by reserving via the link in the e-mail or notifying mathias@nordicsteel.no .