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Langmyra 6, 4344 Bryne
Oslo Office
Ulvenveien 82, 0581 Oslo
Office in Ålesund
Keizer Wilhelmsgate 22, 6003 Ålesund
06:30 - 16:00
06:30 - 16:00
06:30 - 16:00
06:30 - 16:00
06:30 - 16:00
*Closed (24/7 chat)
*Closed (24/7 chat)


Managing Director / CEO
Børre Lobekk

Børre has an enormous drive, a strong commercial ability and solid people skills.

Telephone (+47 48 15 47 15)
COO - Ass. Managing Director
Bjørnar Huru

Concern for people and the company. Bjørnar manages everyday operations, always with a smile on his face.

Telephone (+47 93 03 33 18)
Chief Financial Officer
A. Pierre Hatjoullis

Solid control over everything he does. Pierre is responsible for the finances of the entire group.

Phone (+47 92 69 99 33)
Head of Projects
Olaug B. Skartland

A firm hand at the helm of all projects. Olaug is responsible for project management throughout the company.

Phone (+47 40 64 90 00)
Group Accounting Manager
Evy Aasland

Evy is safe and tidy - it is perfect for someone who has full control over all accounts.

Telephone (+47 98 60 26 63)
Supply Chain Manager
Line Steinnes

Line manages the meetings every morning and knows all about purchasing and deliveries.

Telephone (+47 93 27 93 40)
Head of Sales Dept.
Per Gunnar Rønning

Always looking forward to going to work. Per is exceptionally fond of meeting people.

Telephone (+47 90 15 31 82)
Head of Projects
Harald Moi

Has a lot to do both as Head of Projects and as a handball coach. Harald is a great ambassador, speaking our local dialect very well.

Telephone (+47 908 26 491)
Regional Manager East
Torjus Ulsaker

Torjus has extensive experience from the construction industry, and a solid background from Norway's largest contractors.

Phone (+47 997 02 553)
Head of HVAC Dept.
Thor Erik Hebnes

No one knows more about ducts and ventilation – i.e. HVAC, than Hebbe. That's what we call him.

Telephone (+47 92 62 38 10)
Head of Infrastructure Dept.
Bjørn Erik Ualand

Knowledgeable and engaged in absolutely everything about infrastructure. Enjoys joining new projects.

Telephone (+47 95 71 50 15)
Head of Technical Dept.
Tom Rosland

Can draw the most incredible things. Tom practices karate, but is kind as a lamb.

Phone (+47 97 55 07 56)
QHSE Manager
Kjetil Austrått

Probably our tallest man. Kjetil cares for everyone and is always available.

Phone (+47 97 55 89 81)

Sales and Project Department

Document Controller
Audhild T. Undheim

Solid in everything she does. This is important in Audhild's job as responsible for documentation.

Phone (+47 48 21 97 09)
Senior Sales Engineer
Atle Lie-Handeland

Atle is a very skilled project manager. He is positive and always in on everything.

Telephone (+47 40 60 70 78)
Senior Project Manager
Jarl Ove Andersen

Big or small projects, safe and solid Jarl Ove fixes steel deliveries to all industries.

Phone (+47 92 05 27 96)
Senior Project Manager
Thorbjørn Jensen

One of our most experienced project managers. He makes magic out of steel, in ways you didn't know existed.

Telephone (+47 907 59 380)
IWT-Welding Coordinator
William T. Boomer

What William doesn't know about welding isn't worth knowing. He's our welding coordinator and he's in control of most things.

Telephone (+47 92 22 36 61)
Area Sales Manager
Ola André Synes

Extensive experience from the maritime industry both at home and abroad. Ola-Andre is close to the industry from our office in Ålesund.

Telephone (+47 99 63 95 04)
Senior Sales Engineer
Christopher Vold

A solid and knowledgeable project manager with long experience from the industry who always has a smile on his face.

Telephone (+47 93 03 10 41)
Document Controller
Ingvild Thu

Good control in everything she does. Handsome, positive and welcoming.

Telephone (+47 48 26 46 67)

Marketing Department

Head of Communications and Sustainability
Kjersti Sandvik Bernt

Passionate about communication. Kjersti is very easy to talk to. She makes complicated messages simple and easy to understand.

Telephone (+47 41 20 82 78)
Head of Marketing
Mathias Hult - Head of Marketing - Nordic Steel Group
Mathias Hult

Mathias never gets tired of learning new marketing skills. He has an infectious laugh that will make you happy.

Telephone (+47 41 34 02 71)
Marketing Consultant (CRM)
Magnus Haga Kvale

Good at building relationships with customers and making them feel taken care of.

Telephone (+47 48 26 60 69)
Customer Success Manager
Steffen Skinnarland

Steffen is good with people and always goes the extra mile when meeting customers.

Telephone (+47 95 21 31 28)

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