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Antistatic sackralle

Lightweight and mobile sack trolley for use in ATEX marked areas.
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Antistatic sackralle

Lightweight and mobile sack truck for use in ATEX-branded areas.

Constructed with two antistatic wheels of massive elastic rubber with low rolling resistance. With tilt function that simplifies transportation.

The ergonomic height means that the sack truck is health-promoting and contributes to achieving HSE goals.


The sack truck is composed of adjustable steel plates that can be turned inwards to secure the load.

Special dimensions are available on request. Available in several materials.

Product characteristics

• Long lifespan

• HSE friendly

• Ergonomic height

• Safe handling

• Antistatic wheels

• Adjustable steel plates for the securing of loads

Surface treatment

Optional processing:

• Varnishing

• Hot-dip galvanizing

• Paint

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Antistatic sackralle

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