Group report 2023

Dear employees, owners and partners:

Thank you for a varied, hectic and wonderful year. We are leaving behind a 2023 in which we have seen impressive growth. In our 2022 report, we wrote that we had the highest turnover ever that year. Well, we can write the same thing again. In 2023, we will exceed NOK 500 million in sales for the first time. 

We have many people to thank for our growth. First and foremost, we have a huge number of talented people in Nordic Steel, all of whom are specialists in their field. Without you, there would be no growth. And in the past year, we've become many more.

Customers who choose us again and again are important to us. Our job is to constantly create value for our customers. That's why we're continuing to build Norway's leading competence center. It's about creating even more capacity in terms of knowledge and manpower. 

We will always pursue profitable growth together with our customers. Our customers will get what they need in steel from us. They should be confident that we plan, calculate, draw, construct, design, manufacture, follow up, assemble, deliver and document what they expect. If we can help optimize a product, calculate that a structure can withstand earthquakes, choose the greenest steel that produces the least greenhouse gas emissions, or produce something even more efficiently, it creates value. 

We say it clearly in our vision: We will be the customer's first choice because we know, understand and solve the customer's needs best.

Some of the most important things we can highlight from the past year are:

  • Nordic Steel Construction was merged into Nordic Steel and we stopped doing roofing
  • We acquired Stamas Productions, a solid player in the fabrication and installation of steel structures and piping. They complement us in particular with expertise in piping systems and piping
  • We have had good organic growth, delivering solidly to many projects, both for existing and new customers
Part of the world

Nordic Steel has suppliers, partners and customers all over the world. We also have employees who come from many different countries. The world is a part of us - and in many ways, the world has been scary in 2023. The war in Ukraine is unfortunately still ongoing.

The Earth's climate is changing and we are seeing climate change all over the world. Almost all climate scientists in the world agree that the greenhouse gas emissions we see now are due to human greenhouse gas emissions.* 


Nordic Steel will do everything we can in all areas we can influence. This is an important part of our sustainability strategy. We take responsibility and work to reduce both our own greenhouse gas emissions and emissions in our supply chain.

Increasingly, we are reminded that we need to work together to achieve goals to reduce emissions. We have already worked specifically on the SDGs on good health and quality of life, decent work and economic growth, and stopping climate change. Now we are adding a new SDG that we will work on specifically, number 17, which is about working together to achieve the goals.

In 2023, we partnered with Finnish steel producer Outokumpu to offer the world's most sustainable stainless and acid-resistant steel to our customers. We are proud to be the first in Norway to offer Circle Green steel.

We are also working to obtain accurate greenhouse gas emissions, with actual data, for all our deliveries. We will have emission figures for everything from material selection to transportation and all parts of the production process. Our customers will gain insight into which parts drive emissions and are thus given a unique opportunity to make sustainable choices where they have the most impact.

In this report, you'll learn more about our highlights from 2023. We'll tell you about our key results, projects we've been involved in - and you'll also get to know some of the people who joined us at Nordic Steel in 2023.

Good reading!

*The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis"

Group report 2023

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Nordic Steel Group

Nordic Steel Group is Norway's leading competence center within steel. We work with engineering, advanced plate processing, certified welding and assembly. We deliver high-quality mechanical production and project management to customers in all industries. 

Our head office is at Bryne in Time municipality. This is where we have our administration and all production, with several production halls. We also have our own regional offices in Ålesund and Oslo.

We are growing

For the first time, Nordic Steel's turnover exceeds NOK 500 million. The year 2023 ended at NOK 511 million, which is fully in line with strategy and plans.

In 2020, revenue was NOK 198.6 million, in 2021 it was NOK 283.6 million and in 2022 it was NOK 346.5 million. We are maintaining a safe, stable upward trajectory. 

With increased activity comes a need for more expertise. In 2023, we had a good increase in the number of employees, from 110 at the end of 2022 to 135 at the end of 2023. Take the welding department as an example. We had 28 permanently employed welders in 2022. In 2023, we reached 44 employed welders.

Structure and system

For many years, we have been building system value in the company. It's only getting stronger. We have a robust organization, where our operations, quality system, routines and frameworks ensure that everything works. The structure behind what we do ensures that everyone works in the same way, regardless of the industry we sell to and the tasks we have. 

Our value also lies in the fact that we have the right knowledge to deliver what our customers need in steel. We have high capacity and thus real delivery capability. We always want to be the right partner. We will find the best solutions by looking at design, engineering, costing and calculation. Then we also come up with the best ways to produce things.

Nordic Steel is here to stay. We have set ourselves up to be a leader for many decades to come. We want to build Norwegian industry that is internationally competitive.

Order entry
The right steps forward

Part of Nordic Steel's strategy is to grow both organically and inorganically. The latter, in the form of company acquisitions. In January 2023, Stamas Productions became part of us. For decades, Stamas Productions delivered quality production to several different sectors. Their expertise in the fabrication of advanced steel structures, frames, piping and load-bearing steel has added important capacity and expanded our knowledge.

Until September 2023, Nordic Steel Construction was a separate company in the Nordic Steel Group, as a steel contractor and installation company. This is work that is still carried out by us, but from a separate construction department in Nordic Steel.

Building and construction has traditionally been a major industry we have supplied to. However, the market has seen lower activity and is affected by the interest rate situation. When Nordic Steel Construction was a separate company, we deliberately chose not to offer roofing as a service, both because it is not a core competence for us, but it was also not profitable enough. To adjust our capacity and adapt to the market, we merged Nordic Steel Construction into Nordic Steel. Construction remains an important industry and we expect an upturn in the industry in 2024.

Energy and offshore largest

Deliveries to the energy and offshore industry was the largest segment Nordic Steel delivered to in 2023, with 48 percent. We see clear results from the oil tax package* and expect the segment to remain high for several years. Energy and offshore has had an even position with us for many years. In 2022, the distribution was 25.9 percent and 20 percent in 2021. 

The industry also provides good margins for Nordic Steel. These are funds we can use for marketing to other segments, for example. We can use our position to get involved in more new projects, also in other industries, and talk about the value we can add.

Nevertheless, we are aware of the industry's use of resources and see that the distribution between segments also has other reasons.

In aquaculture and the maritime industry, the financing of many new projects has been on hold, which many claim is due to the resource rent tax. ** Large investment costs and high interest rates also affect project financing, and many take somewhat longer to realize than expected. In 2023, the allocation to aquaculture was four percent, which is somewhat lower than in 2022, when it was 6.5 percent. At Nordic Steel, we are optimistic for a new year, as ongoing processes indicate that we will deliver large new volumes to the industry.

The other industries we delivered to in 2023 were distributed as follows: 23 percent to transport, 13 percent to construction, nine percent to renewable energy and three percent to miscellaneous industries. Compared with 2022, we see that transportation has increased slightly, from 18.3 percent. Construction has decreased slightly, as the distribution was 17.2 percent in 2022. Deliveries to renewable energy amounted to nine percent in 2023, compared with 26.4 percent in 2022. "For several years, we have delivered to many offshore wind projects. We will continue this in 2024, not least with deliveries to carbon capture projects. Miscellaneous industries have decreased slightly, from 5.7 percent in 2022 to three percent in 2023.

Thank you for the awards!

Jærprisen: A preferred partner

We were awarded the first Jær Prize in history during the annual Jæren meeting at Bryne. The prize was awarded by Time Municipality, Klepp Municipality, Hå Municipality, the Chamber of Commerce in the Stavanger region and Jæren Sparebank.

The award honors a company, organization or person who makes Jæren a great place to live, work and establish a business.

- Entrepreneurship and a culture of innovation are at the heart of the company's success. The company is a preferred partner for several customers and is growing both through acquisitions and, not least, through constantly new demanding assignments," said Mayor Andreas Vollsund (H) when he announced Nordic Steel as the winner.

Thank you so much for a surprising and very nice prize!

Impact Awards: Impacting the industry

At the Impact Awards in Stavanger, we won the Scale-up of the Year award. The award was presented to a successfully growing company that is having an impact on the industry.

The jury emphasized that we are built on entrepreneurship and innovation, that we are growing and have established ourselves in several markets. It was also emphasized that we have a strong list of references from key players in all industries.

Thank you so much for the award, and for seeing that we create value for many!

The company is a preferred partner.

Words from Børre

We are trusted on Norway's longest railway bridge, subsea offshore, large structures, aerospace, onshore aquaculture and offshore wind. We get that trust because we are seen as the best player to do the job. 

Our price is internationally competitive, but we are weighted even higher on knowledge, quality and ability to deliver. All the other values. That's what we believe in building up, and that's what we will constantly highlight: We will be the right and most value-adding partner.

It's also what makes you get up in the morning, every Monday, and think: Monday at last! This kind of approach means you can never rest, you have to deliver every single day. You have to be on the ball. We have to give of ourselves to the customers, to the projects, internally to our colleagues. That part is the main reason for Nordic Steel's success. 

Developing the industry

We must continue to deliver all the time. But most of all, I'm happy that we've managed to establish ourselves at such a high level, and built a system value that allows us to continue the development we're doing. We are developing an industry and have representatives in all types of relevant industries and industry networks. We are positioned in a way that allows us to continue to influence and develop.

We can do this because we have the best people. We have so many incredibly talented people who know an incredible amount. It's a mix of young people, adults, women, men - experienced and inexperienced - we have the whole mix needed for me to be confident that we can answer the questions and tasks of today and tomorrow.

In 2023, we had a total sickness absence rate of 1.9 percent - a figure I'm very proud of. For me, it means that people thrive at work. People want to go to work, meet their colleagues and create value every day.

In early January 2023, Stamas Productions also became part of us. It has been a pleasure to welcome so many talented and good people, and to see that we can continue to develop together.  

We do this together

"When I look out and the parking lot is full, I think, 'Holy cow, we've built something really cool together'. There are so many people who come to work here every day! I feel that the level of well-being is very high, there are smiles everywhere. And then I think about what we mean to the local community together. We're doing this together, we're building a company that enables us to invest and change an entire industry. At the same time, we can give back to the local community, feed many families and have fun together - I'm extremely proud of that. 

Together, we also have a responsibility. We represent a cornerstone company in Jæren and there are many families that are part of Nordic Steel. Everything we do together, and everything we do personally, matters. Let people in every situation have a reason to cheer us on. I believe in that, it's important. 

Impacting the industry

Furthermore, we need to use our growth and position to accelerate - and actually influence the industry in the direction we want. 

We are serious when we say that we will be Norway's leading steel competence center. We have already started the work of pushing the entire industry in the right direction and providing customers with actual data on greenhouse gas emissions. We will document every last bit, and this will be implemented in our system. We will use this as a basis in our dialog with customers who want to be future-oriented and sustainable.

Building even more

Together with our customers, we will be at the forefront of the market, building brick by brick and continuing to grow profitably. We are now increasing our real capacity again, and will soon start construction of another new building. We're lucky to be in a position to do that.

We have never had such a high order backlog at the start of a new year. We have never had so many open, warm offers and ongoing processes as we have now. This bodes well for 2024 and the years ahead. 

At Nordic Steel, we will do more of what we are good at. We find the right solutions, do the job properly, at the right time, to the right quality, every time. 

Research and innovation project to provide accurate greenhouse gas emissions

- Making a difference

Our customers will get a complete picture of a project's greenhouse gas emissions. We are currently working on an innovative and relevant research and innovation project. The project manager is Frida Layti, an employee of Nordic Steel and a PhD student in green transition and innovation at the University of Stavanger.

Wewill have actual measurements on all operations we do in production, from machines, bending and welding. At the same time, we collect information from the value chain, such as purchasing of materials and transportation. This will give customers a complete picture of the greenhouse gas emissions in their projects," explains Frida Layti.

Frida Layti

All data will be integrated into our business system. When we provide a quote to customers, the greenhouse gas emissions of each operation will be listed.

- Here we can see which lines in an offer have the highest emissions. If it's welding that produces the highest emissions, we can try to make changes to the design to reduce welding time, for example. If it's the steel that produces the highest emissions, we can take action there and buy a greener steel for the project.

"This project provides our customers with detailed documentation of their greenhouse gas emissions. This can strengthen the basis for decision-making, enabling customers to make an informed choice and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Actual data in climate accounting

- When the data is integrated into the business system, we get a calculated climate account together with the quote that is sent out with a project. This is an expected budget of what we will use and how much emissions are involved. Finally, when the project is completed, the customer receives a climate account of what has actually been used," says Layti.

Many players offer climate accounts, but these are often delivered at company level. It is also resource- and time-consuming to create climate accounts with manual data collection.

- We are moving from company level to project level, and from statistics and estimates to more accurate data and measurements. With the new system, we will ensure automatic data flow and reduce time and costs. Research-based methods will also be used throughout the innovation project," says Frida Layti.

Group report 2023

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Developing the market for green steel

Frida Layti, a civil engineer, became acquainted with Nordic Steel in connection with the Business Association in the Stavanger region's board candidate program. Layti has previously worked in the oil service company SLB, but has now moved on to academia and the University of Stavanger, with her doctoral work in green transition and innovation.

Frida Layti has been hired to drive the research and innovation project forward. "She had exactly the expertise we needed, which is why we wanted to hire her in addition to having her on the board," says CEO Børre Lobekk.

Frida Layti does not rule out publishing a research article about the project in Nordic Steel.

- "It's a very exciting project to be involved in. It will increase the level of knowledge in the industry and make a difference. One of the challenges with green steel is that we have to develop the market for it ourselves. The knowledge and experience we gain from this project can help develop a market for green steel," says Layti.

Several of Nordic Steel's customers support the project and see a need for more fact-based decision-making.

- Many say that this is what is needed to speed up the transition in the steel industry. "We also want the entire steel industry to improve and see that our project has potential outside Nordic Steel as well. We have not been able to find any documentation that this has been done before," concludes Frida Layti.

With this project, our customers get actual documentation of their greenhouse gas emissions.

The project department

- Customers in all industries return

- "It's been an incredibly exciting year. We've been involved in many fantastic projects," says Harald Moi. At the end of the year, he stepped down as long-standing project manager at Nordic Steel and became head of a newly established costing department. The number of projects and the size of the projects meant that the role of project manager was divided and developed further. From January 2024, Olaug Byberg Skartland became the new project manager, and Harald Moi will head the costing department.

- "Now the projects are being taken over by Olaug, and I'll be supporting her. Together we will create value for all our customers," says Moi. 

Harald Moi
Equally good in all industries

Harald Moi has had control over an incredibly large number of different projects. When he sums up the year we're leaving behind, he's nevertheless quite calm.

- It almost doesn't matter which industry we supply to. We are equally good in all of them. In terms of work, the segments are very much intertwined, and we transfer a lot of experience from one industry to another.

The main principles we work by are the same regardless of the industries we supply. The steel is cut, broken, bent, welded and assembled. Some projects require high standards and certifications. We take care of this - our quality control and documentation packages are thorough.

- We optimize products and create value with steel. In this way, we create value for all the industries we supply," explains Moi. 

The industries we supply are energy and offshore, transport and infrastructure, aquaculture and maritime, renewable energy, HVAC, piping, construction, defense and aerospace. We also supply many technology and innovation projects. In other words, all types of projects that need steel.

In 2023, energy and offshore was the segment we delivered the most to.

- The pace in energy and offshore meant that there was a natural upswing last year. It's important for us to diversify into different industries. We are therefore active in tenders for all industries, and there are not many who have as many legs to stand on as we do. Last year we were involved in many exciting projects in all industries," explains Harald Moi.

Customers come back for more

Repeat sales and additional sales to the same customer are very important to us - we deliver high quality and on time. Then customers come back again and again, and word spreads. These are the best sales we have," says Moi.

Customers in all industries are coming back. 

- Take Moelven Limtre for example. We deliver a large job of fasteners, brackets and suspensions to Trondheim railway station. They also have a number of bridges, such as footbridges, which we supply a lot to. For the Vatnahalsen bridge, we're involved in the design for them too, on what is the most special design they've ever had.

The volume to different industries varies. New customers for new industries, such as aerospace, are also being added. Nordic Steel is now producing steel for the aerospace industry at Andøya Space.

It's impossible to summarize all the projects we delivered to in 2023. In total, there was an incredible amount of great, unique and cool projects - a total of 2,578 different orders.

Here's just some of it: Separation systems for oil and gas, equipment for fish farms, tanks to receive contaminated waste, ventilation ducts and equipment for offshore wind platforms all over the world. For Norway's longest railway bridge at Tangenvika, we supply enormous steel pipes.

- We show again in many special projects, we do.

Good people from Stamas

Several new customers joined the customer base of Stamas Productions. In January 2023, Stamas Productions became part of Nordic Steel.

- "We brought in good people from Stamas. They've brought us a new customer base, slightly different products and we've become a little heavier on piping and a number of coarser construction jobs, i.e. carbon steel in slightly thicker materials. We didn't have the same level of expertise as them for these jobs, so it's been really good to have the team we've brought on board," boasts Harald Moi.

In addition to several types of carbon steel, Moi says that a new stainless material has been used even more extensively in Nordic Steel.

- Lean Duplex is more corrosion resistant than traditional stainless steel, 316, and it's a little stronger. It's a variant we now use a lot more of on many of our projects.  

Stays safe

Nordic Steel is in a secure position. "We have a solid base of people and have added new people who bring with them the knowledge and experience we need. At the end of 2023, there were 20 employees in the project department, five more than at the same time last year.

- We only have good people, and that will be important going forward - having the right people in place in all positions. 

Why should new employees choose Nordic Steel?

- It's a safe workplace, plain and simple. There's also no doubt that we have a good environment with a huge amount of knowledge. Here you have the opportunity to develop in a leading company," says Harald Moi.

Customers in all industries are coming back.

Technical department

- We have doubled the number of employees

Drawing, design, strength calculations and simulations. The engineering expertise at Nordic Steel is broad and extensive. Over the past year, the engineering department has taken a major step forward, effectively doubling the number of employees in the department.

- "We've gone from six to twelve employees in just one year. This means that we have even better capacity and we have expanded our expertise even more in line with customer requirements," says Tom Rosland, head of the technical department at Nordic Steel.

In the technical department, a project starts with an idea, some sketches or finished drawings. If the customer has finished drawings, the job is to create production documentation and optimize the drawings for production. Sometimes they have to solve complex tasks, where the product must have a special function.

Smart heads

Rosland takes us through the process of a project they've been working on recently.

- First, we had to define the criteria we had to work from. We had to process these and come up with the best possible solution. Then you often have to bring in more people to get other ideas and input. 

The project had many functions, with a clear framework. It was about size, weight, engine power and solution. It was difficult to accommodate everything the customer wanted.

- But suddenly someone had a great idea. We had locked ourselves into having a mechanism at the top of the structure. Then suddenly a smart person said: "Let's move it down, we have room in the base. It's quite simple when you think about it afterwards," Rosland explains.

Tom Rosland
Good solutions

The mix of different people in the department is a great advantage. We have people with technical, practical, mechanical and theoretical expertise. 

- "We've had a very high level of expertise in the department for a long time. Now we've just got even more of it, since we have so many more people.

The department manager notices that projects are getting bigger and taking longer. This makes planning, good solutions and delivery precision very important. Tom Rosland tells us what he is most satisfied with.

- It's when we have completed a project in such a way that it flows easily through production, where the function of the product is as intended. And when the customer is ultimately satisfied, that's great.

The technical department at Nordic Steel is known for design, construction and good solutions. When the manager is asked what they like to work with the most, the answer is all about solutions.

- We're so used to working with everything. But when we work on a project where we come up with good solutions, that's when we feel most comfortable.

We have a very high level of expertise in the department.

Transport and infrastructure

- Creative, solution-oriented and with great technical expertise

At Nordic Steel, we can make anything in steel. This really comes into its own in this department. We work with everything you can imagine in the fields of transportation and infrastructure.

One of the major projects that we started in 2023 was the Tangenvika railway bridge, which will be Norway's longest railway bridge at over one kilometer, on double tracks over Lake Mjøsa. Nordic Steel has an important contract for foundation work.

- We are chosen to participate in key infrastructure projects across the country. The new Trondheim Central Station is getting steel from Nordic Steel. We have also supplied Corten steel edges for an upgraded outdoor area at Tromsø Airport," says Bjørn Erik Ualand, head of the transport and infrastructure department at Nordic Steel. 

Tunnels and roads are other infrastructure for which Nordic Steel supplies a lot of steel. In 2023, a suspension system was delivered for the underwater tunnels in the Rennfast connection in Rogaland.

- In Rennfast, lane signals will be used to control traffic if a car stalls. "Today, they have to close the tunnels if a car stalls, but with lane signals they can direct traffic into the opposite lane," explains Ualand.

The main artery between Stavanger and Kristiansand, the E39, is being developed on a large scale. In southern Norway, we will be supplying suspension systems for many of the tunnels.

Bjørn Erik Ualand
Environmental requirements in public procurement

Many transport and infrastructure projects are from public procurement, or are covered by public requirements and regulations. From 2024, the environment will be weighted at least 30 percent in public procurement - we are positive about this.

- We have extensive in-house expertise in public procurement, are familiar with the regulations and can meet the most stringent environmental requirements. We often help various public and private players to find their way through the jungle of environmental requirements.  

The Tangenvika railway bridge is mentioned. There are also other bridges in the portfolio from the recent past. For Moelven Limtre, we have delivered crossbeams, fittings, safety screens and specially adapted railings for Vatnahalsen bridge, which is a super-special and double-curved footbridge over the Flåm Railway. 

Many construction sites will become emission-free and electric construction machinery is already required in several places. These machines need charging. For Kverneland Energi, we have produced many fast chargers, both larger containers in carbon steel, but also lighter containers in aluminum, which can easily be moved from place to place on a trailer. 

Many ideas become solutions

Nordic Steel's customers are many, and our deliveries are very varied

We have produced semi-automatic parking lifts for cars for a major housing development in Asker. At Tau in Rogaland, we have supplied equipment for the repair of a ferry quay. 

In the center of Sandnes, there will be large custom-made planter boxes, which we have produced for Rogaland County Council - we came up with the idea, how they should look, solutions for benches and water reservoirs.

From 2024, the environment will be weighted at least 30 percent in public procurement - we are positive about this.

HVAC department

- Many projects for offshore wind and energy and offshore

Offshore wind is literally in the wind for the department that works with heating, cooling and air. In 2023, ventilation ducts have been delivered to several offshore wind projects. These include Hornsea 3 and East Anglia off the UK, Sunrise Wind off New York and BorWin 6 off Germany.

Hornsea 3 consists of more than 200 wind turbines and two converter platforms. The first platform for Hornsea 3 is Link 1, for which we have been producing throughout the past year. We are now in the process of delivering to the second platform, Link 2. 

- There are many projects coming up in offshore wind all over Europe. We are positioned for several of these projects together with good partners. Our experience and expertise are appreciated by our customers," says Thor Erik Hebnes, Head of HVAC at Nordic Steel. 

Nordic Steel is the largest producer of ventilation ducts in Norway. A high level of activity in the energy and offshore industry means that we also supply a lot to this industry.

- "Among other things, we have produced a lot for Jotun, the production ship located at Rosenberg. It's been a very good project, in an incredibly good collaboration with Leirvik," says Hebnes.

Thor Erik Hebnes

Large production for ventilation units

For another production vessel, Johan Castberg, we have supplied ventilation units, or Air Handling Units (AHU), for Novenco. We have produced two such units for the ship. They are manufactured in acid-proof steel, which is highly resistant to corrosive environments, such as in the maritime environment or the energy and offshore industry. 

At the end of 2023, Novenco awarded us the contract to build seven air handling units for Valhall and 12 units for Hugin, which is part of the Yggdrasil development. Work on these will continue throughout 2024.

- We build them from scratch, with frames and equipment. In the assembly department, they are put together with motors, fans, dampers, filters and everything else needed. These are big things that can take a couple of months to produce each one. An AHU can be 10 meters long and five to six meters high," Hebnes explains. 

Nordic Steel has all the certifications to supply equipment needed by the energy and offshore industry. All production is delivered with full documentation. Because production takes place in Norway, customers can also be close by.

Own brand - Simduct

- We have a lot of requests and work with good customers and suppliers in all industries. In 2023, we've had a particularly large number of new customers that we haven't had before. It's exciting - and shows that our good reputation is spreading.

Many people want ventilation ducts in Simduct, which is Nordic Steel's own product range of acid-resistant ducts. Simduct is approved in fire class A-0.

- "We have very good production at Simduct and see even more coming. These have been good choices for different types of treatment plants, but also for offshore wind," Hebnes explains.

Quality, expertise and delivery time

Nordic Steel is chosen as the HVAC supplier for many different projects. 

- We have many skilled, efficient and good people who see projects through from project management to production. We also get feedback from our customers. Good communication and quick response is something they appreciate. 

Quality, expertise and delivery time are key words from customers. "Many of our customers have been with us for a long time.

- They know what we can do and what we can deliver. It means a lot that we have so many good customers who choose us again and again," concludes Thor Erik Hebnes.

Nordic Steel is the largest manufacturer of ventilation ducts in Norway.

Aquaculture and the maritime industry

- The attenuators took the humpback salmon!

In the spring of 2023, Nordic Steel was awarded a framework agreement with the State Governor of Troms and Finnmark to supply spawning attenuators for pink salmon. attenuators were set in nine rivers before June, to catch the pink salmon when they came to the rivers to spawn.

The fishing attenuators worked very well - and Vesterelva in Finnmark caught the most pink salmon from any river in Norway. A total of 29,473 pink salmon were caught in Vesterelva, in attenuators delivered from Bryne.

The framework agreement with the state manager shows that Nordic Steel is competitive on price, quality and the environment throughout the country. We are already in the process of making even more attenuators, for new rivers.

Land-based aquaculture

We are particularly close to the aquaculture and maritime industry from our office in Ålesund. Ola-André Synes is Sales Manager for Nordic Steel in Møre og Romsdal. 

Ola Andre Synes

One of the projects we started delivering to in 2023 was Gigante Salmon, land-based salmon farming on the Helgeland coast. 

- "We have delivered large pipe components, which are equipment for water intake at the fish farm," says Ola-André Synes.

We produce a wide range of equipment for onshore fish farms. In 2023 alone, we have delivered everything from grids, to parts for building machines and equipment, to hatch frames, funnels and pipes in large dimensions. Water separators are other products we have supplied. 

Fish farms are key recipients of the products we make. Many deliveries also go to cooling and freezing systems.

- In 2023, we received many inquiries and delivered many good offers to both new and loyal customers. However, many projects have been put on hold, awaiting final financing and start-up.

The framework conditions for the industry have been unstable in recent years. There is no doubt that this is an industry that is really waiting to unleash its projects.

Research on corrosion

Nordic Steel is part of the Milo research and innovation project, spearheaded by our partner Artec Aqua and the research institute Sintef.

- We look at corrosion and corrosion resistance of different types of materials for aquaculture. Onshore fish farms are particularly vulnerable to biofilm, or coating, on the material. We have delivered various materials that are screwed, welded and assembled for testing. They are placed in a water channel that circulates at Salmon Evolution," Synes explains.

The research project will teach us even more about which material we can use where, and which environments require different types of material.

- Together with good partners, we learn even more and position ourselves for the future.

Expertise that the industry needs

We see that good, long-term relationships mean a lot. Working with corrosion, surfaces and the development of material types is one thing. Equally important is understanding good fish health, function and quality.

- We have a lot to play for in the future, and many projects to come. We are in a good position to deliver on many projects both at home and abroad. The industry fluctuates, but we are secure because we have so many legs to stand on. We're pushing forward," concludes Synes. 

There's no doubt that this is an industry that's really waiting to unleash its projects.

Construction department

- We stand together as a company

We got a new department in Nordic Steel in 2023. The construction department replaces Nordic Steel Construction, which was previously Nordic Steel's sister company.

- We bring everything together under one umbrella. It's a strategic decision to work even smarter. This way, we can be even closer to our customers. We see that they appreciate it," said CEO Børre Lobekk when the news was announced.

Nordic Steel Construction was merged into Nordic Steel on September 1, 2023.

Torjus Ulsaker

- "There are only advantages to working more closely together. Now we're together as a company, working in the same systems, with the same people," says Torjus Ulsaker, head of the construction department.

Ulsaker also emphasizes that it becomes easier to work with customers when they have one party to deal with.

- 2023 was a good year for the construction department. "Our goal was to work closely with the rest of Nordic Steel and to achieve good projects together. We've managed to do that," Ulsaker explains.

Some of the projects we have been involved in

At Krogstad in Lillestrøm, we have been involved in the installation of roof panels and sandwich elements for the construction of Krogstad biogas. This is a future-oriented production facility for climate-friendly biogas.

Heggedal Terrasse is a large housing development in Asker. The project consists of 157 new homes built in terraces that follow the terrain in height. There are two underground parking garages under the homes. These have semi-automatic parking elevators. Nordic Steel produced the steel for the parking system and we also installed it. 

For NordicEpod, we have produced steel structures that we have also installed afterwards. We have also installed sandwich elements on the pods.

Another project has been for Felleskjøpet, at the port silos in Stavanger, where we have done a lot of maintenance work. 

At the Olivia restaurant in Sandnes, we have installed steel and roof panels on behalf of Consto.

Working on a new building in 2024

Nordic Steel is building another new building to grow alongside our customers and accommodate the growth to come.

- "We are in the process of planning and will eventually build more capacity and space at Bryne," smiles the department manager.

The capacity to take on new projects and new customers is good.

- We do a lot of calculations for the construction industry at the moment. Together with the other departments in Nordic Steel, we are flexible and deliver what our customers need. We look forward to further growth together in Nordic Steel," concludes Torjus Ulsaker.

There are only advantages to working closer together.

The record department

- It's actually going really well. Time flies. And the people sound good

Odd Geir Ege, production manager in the record department, couldn't be happier with the department.

- It's a great group! A very stable and good group. It's important that you have a stable base that you can build on.

In the record department, many employees have been with us for a long time. 

- We are very lucky. The people who work for us are in control, they know what's best and they work quickly. It works very well with the people who are there, from the experienced to the apprentices," says Odd Geir Ege.

Odd Geir Ege

Breaks with 400 tons

In the laser machines and press brakes, large quantities of tons go through every day. In 2023, we got a new press brake, which breaks up to 400 tons. This means we can bend thicker and longer materials, and we have even greater capacity.

- "We have four benders running all the time and two laser machines in full operation. There has been even more work everywhere.

Assembles complete units

The sheet metal department has its own section with fitters. They have become even more employees and have had a lot of work in 2023. 

- The assembly department has grown a lot. Many of our customers want more complete units. When we can finish everything, they don't have to do extra work, and they can deal with Nordic Steel from start to finish," says Ege.

Nordic Steel also produces several larger and complex units, which also takes time in the assembly department. Variety and challenges are key words that the production manager likes.

- Without variety and challenges, it would be boring. It's really good that we get to challenge people, that they're not doing the same thing all the time. That doesn't make anyone very good, and it certainly doesn't make them flexible.

Odd Geir Ege likes the fact that they have a lot to do. That there's a lot going on. "2023 was a good year for the sheet metal department, and there's even more to come. But major assembly assignments are taking up space. The news that Nordic Steel is to build another new building is exactly what the production manager wants.

- It's Christmas Eve!

Nordic Steel produces several larger and complex units

The welding department

- We are innovating enormously. In addition to the fact that we have even more people

As 2023 drew to a close, there were 44 permanently employed welders in the department headed by Roy Fuglestad. This is 16 more than at the end of the previous year.

- We have very good people. A stable base of people who also like being here. We have very little turnover," says Roy Fuglestad.

Many of the new employees during last year came from Stamas Productions, which became part of Nordic Steel when the company was acquired. Fuglestad praises the people we have brought on board.

- We are very pleased with them. They are good people who have come in and have the expertise we need. Especially within pipe systems and large pipe jobs, where they came in with knowledge that was a bit new to us.

Larger projects

Nordic Steel has two large welding halls, one of which is reserved for stainless steel and the other for carbon steel. Production in the two halls is completely separate from each other, as steel that rusts (carbon steel) should not be welded together with stainless steel.

- Initially, it is more difficult to weld with stainless steel. There are so many forces in the steel, it moves more. We've always worked a lot with stainless," says Fuglestad.

Roy Fuglestad

Production has increased steadily over the past year. This is also reflected in the increase in the number of employees, higher turnover and a steady stream of new customer names on orders. Many of the projects we work on are also getting bigger. Fuglestad says that they are getting many larger units, or units as they call them, than they have had before. For example, there are large tanks, frames and cabinets. 

- We get to do new, exciting things that we haven't done before, and that customers have never done before. Together with our customers, we solve problems that make everyone happy. That's the best part, really, having projects like this.

Have the certificates needed

Many certificates are needed to weld in accordance with different standards. There are different requirements in different industries and for different material qualities. At Nordic Steel, we can meet the requirements of our customers.

- There are always new requirements and new additional requirements. So we add extra procedures and carry out the jobs correctly.

Nordic Steel has its own welding coordinators, who follow up on all welding procedures and routines. Fuglestad explains a little about what they do.

- A procedure is a recipe for getting the result we want, and we have procedures for everything. We have dedicated personnel who ensure that we fill in the welding logs, follow the procedures, take random samples and test the quality. We're constantly checking that we're staying within the parameters we're supposed to and that we're delivering the quality we need in welding.

Quality and order

Very good quality in the work performed is a feedback we often get from our customers. This is also something Roy Fuglestad appreciates.

Fuglestad expects a lot of work in 2024 as well. Jobs at Nordic Steel are safe. 

- "We always have a need for welders, but I wish we had a greater influx of apprentices. It's hard to find apprentices in welding right now.

The welding profession is perhaps more attractive than many people think. In the mechanical industry and welding, many people work in dark and dirty premises. At Nordic Steel, it's bright and clean, with modern machines and tools. Cleanliness is part of the training.

- "We probably have one of the cleanest and nicest places in Norway where we weld. Everyone helps, and we're meticulous," concludes Roy Fuglestad.

Very good quality in the work performed is a feedback we often get from our customers.

- We are committed to concrete results (sustainability strategy)

Nordic Steel has taken a clear stance that we will be the environmental and sustainability leader in our industry. If we can encourage and challenge the industry to become more sustainable, we are doing something right. We will do what we can in all areas we can influence. We stand by that.

Nordic Steel has a strategic approach to sustainability. We will take into account economic, social and environmental factors to achieve a long-term balance between profit, people and the earth's climate.

Reporting and new legal requirements

Since 2014, we have reported annually on greenhouse gas emissions through the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. The Eco-Lighthouse's climate accounts are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG protocol), which is the best-known standard for reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

In January 2023, the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) came into force. This entails a significant expansion of the reporting obligation and which companies are required to report. National rules for sustainability reporting must be introduced in line with a phased introduction in the EU. CSRD also affects Nordic Steel, and many of our customers must report in accordance with the directive. For us, it is important to have updated and correct sustainability information when our customers collect data from their value chain.

Nordic Steel has good routines for reporting, and we already report on important areas such as scope 1, scope 2 and parts of scope 3. We also report annually on the Transparency Act, with due diligence assessments of human rights and responsible working conditions.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 

Scope 1 is direct emissions from machinery and vehicles. At Nordic Steel, we have very low scope 1 emissions, as almost all production is electrified. In 2023, scope 1 emissions were 14.24 tons of CO2.

Scope 2 is indirect emissions from energy consumption. At Nordic Steel, we work continuously to reduce consumption and have a stable consumption despite increased sales, more employees and a large increase in production facilities. In 2023, scope 2 emissions were 67.08 tons of CO2.

Scope 3 is indirect emissions from the supply chain. These are emissions related to the company's activities. Based on industry averages, we estimate that up to 90 percent of emissions come from scope 3, which is everything from purchased steel, transportation, waste and travel. We report on more factors than before, including air travel and mileage, as well as waste. We have a close dialog with our suppliers and customers to reduce scope 3 emissions. In 2023, scope 3 emissions were 55.21 tons of CO2.

Four selected SDGs

We are committed to concrete results, which is why we are clear in our sustainability work. For us, climate, environment, working life and social responsibility are closely linked. We have previously focused on three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 3 on good health and quality of life, goal 8 on decent work and economic growth and goal 13 on halting climate change. These are goals we are still working on. 

However, we are adding an additional goal that we are specifically working on, which is number 17 on collaboration to achieve the goals. "It's no use us becoming more sustainable if the rest of the industry doesn't change. We are part of a larger system, and to achieve the climate goals, it is important that players in all positions, industries and countries work together.

We will be a leader in sustainability and the environment in our industry.

Nordic Steel's selected UN Sustainable Development Goals

Human: Good health and quality of life

- You should be as whole when you come home from work as when you came to work. That's what Kjetil Austrått, KHMS manager at Nordic Steel, says. 

At Nordic Steel, health, safety and environment (HSE) is at the heart of what we do. Everyone should have a safe and secure workplace. The psychosocial working environment is an important part of this. At Nordic Steel, we say hello and smile to each other, and we treat each other with respect and interest. 

We have procedures, routines, risk assessments, rules, safety rounds and goals within health, safety and the environment. This covers everything from protective equipment to forklift driving, lifting and safe job analysis. Everything we do is registered and measured. We have both systems and a culture where it's okay to speak up if you see someone doing something wrong. It's important that we never rest when it comes to taking HSE seriously.

We are extremely proud that we have not had any lost-time injuries for over ten years. In 2023, we had a total sickness absence rate of 1.9 percent (0.69 percent self-certification/sick child, 1.21 percent long-term sick leave).

Goodworking environment

The working environment is good at Nordic Steel. People want to go to work, as we can see from the sickness absence rate. In employee interviews, people also say that they enjoy their work. 

We also have several regular social meeting places, such as paddle training, company bowling, or socializing after payday. In 2023, we also arranged a golf tournament for employees. We go on trips together and get together for barbecues. It's also possible to keep fit at our own fitness center. In addition, we work with a local fitness and physiotherapy center that offers treatment to those who need it.

The families of our employees are an important part of us. We meet our colleagues in all kinds of life situations with their families. On Sunday, September 17, 2023, we arranged an open day for all employees and their families. We had a large tent outside, with dinner, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, balloon animals, magic tricks, a children's market, a craft corner and juggling. Everyone got a guided tour, information about us, and got to see what we make and do. We don't normally make 3D puzzles with dinosaurs in steel, but we made them for both young and old children on this day. A fantastic day!

The local community - a part of us 

We care about the local community that we are part of, and we want to contribute to making our region an attractive and good place to live. We sponsor several sports teams, especially grassroots sports for children and young people. In 2023, we participated in Markusløpet, to support Cancer Care Rogaland and research into childhood cancer. We also ran the Haver relay race for the Save the Children TV fundraiser. The joy patrol at Rosseland school in Bryne also received support from us this year. They spread joy to people in the local community who have lost someone, are ill, lonely or have financial problems.

We support several other initiatives, and a common denominator is that they take place in our local community. Taking care of the community around us is an important value for both the company and our employees.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Jærnåttå music festival, Litla Jærnåttå was held for the first time in 2023 - and Nordic Steel was the main sponsor. Litla Jærnåttå is a separate alcohol-free festival for children and young people, the day before Jærnåttå. TIX, Mari Bella and Cherry Cinema were popular artists. We support children and young people, and will sponsor the festival again in 2024.

Working life: Decent work and economic growth

Nordic Steel is providing work for more and more people. At the end of 2023, we had 135 employees in the company, 25 more than at the same time the previous year. An important part of the increase was the employees who joined us in connection with the acquisition of Stamas Productions. In addition, we have hired more people in functions that prepare the organization for further growth.

All of Nordic Steel's workforce is in Norway, and we're proud of that. Norwegian production pays off. We are close to our customers and partners, and there are short distances between all parts of the company. We have two regional offices, in Ålesund and Oslo. They are also closely linked to the head office in Bryne through daily meetings and joint projects.

Nordic Steel is an apprentice company and we take on new apprentices every year. Young employees have important skills, ask questions and keep us curious. They are necessary for us to succeed in the future. In 2023, two of our apprentices, Thomas Skrettingland and Endre Berge Skaret, received their certificates in production technology. 

Nordic Steel is a safe and solid company. Through a diversified customer portfolio and deliveries to many different industries, Nordic Steel is not as exposed to market fluctuations as other players can be. As a leading center of expertise in steel for a wide range of customers, we also benefit greatly from the fact that expertise in one industry can be transferred to another. Engineering, optimization, design, development and implementation are important characteristics for us.

The Transparency Act

In 2023, we conducted human rights due diligence in line with the OECD Guidelines. This resulted in our report on the Transparency Act. We work strategically on working conditions, working environment and human rights with employees and suppliers. Being open about human rights risks and opportunities contributes to better working conditions throughout the industry.

The internal risks we have assessed are the risk of personal injuries and musculoskeletal injuries occurring, employees feeling uncertain about joining trade unions and the risk of employees not receiving equal pay for equal work. HSE is a continuous process for us. Both Norwegian law and our employee handbook state that employees are free to join a trade union. Equal pay for equal work, where the established pay matrix is followed. We also include a statement on gender equality in our annual report, through the Activity and reporting obligation. 

Under supplier risk, we have assessed the risk that logistics companies do not comply with driving and rest time regulations and have an acceptable standard of living. Other risks are that steel wholesalers, steel mills and suppliers of workwear supply materials and components that are produced in countries that do not respect human rights. We conduct annual audits of the companies we use. In addition, we carry out random checks on drivers.

Environment: Stopping climate change

Norway aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 to 55 percent by 2030. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced in cooperation with the EU. Norway's climate plan includes several instruments to reduce emissions. One of these is environmental regulations in public procurement. Another is a focus on climate-friendly transport solutions.* The introduction of a carbon tax is also relevant. 

At Nordic Steel, we will do what we can to stop climate change. The innovation project will measure and collect actual data and documentation on greenhouse gas emissions in all operations and everything we produce. It will provide our customers with supporting evidence that they can use in their organization and with their customers to make choices and take action where it will have the most impact on emissions. We believe this is the most practical and real way we can change an industry. 

One of the choices that has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions is the steel used in our projects. Steel is traditionally produced with high emissions, but the trend is towards more renewable production, especially in Europe. It is possible to get steel that is close to emission-free. 

Recycling of steel

Another of the measures we take for the environment is to recycle waste. In 2023, more than 90 percent of all waste was recycled. We have separate sorting stations for cardboard and paper, plastic, chemicals and hazardous waste, electrical waste, wood, food waste and residual waste. The largest category of waste is steel scrap. All steel waste is sent for recycling so that it can be turned into new steel. Steel is one of the best materials for recycling, it can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its properties. 

By recycling steel, we avoid the emissions that come from the production of new (virgin) steel. This means that we save the climate from CO2 emissions. In 2023, 539,634 kg of steel was sent for recycling. This corresponds to 901 tons of CO2 saved.**

We have low emissions from our own buildings and production. With new machinery and modern premises, we can see that our production is energy efficient. In 2023, our greenhouse gas emissions were 136.53 tons of CO2. This is an increase of 64 percent from the previous year. However, we have seen a 105 percent growth in turnover and a 51 percent increase in the number of full-time equivalents during the same period. We also report on even more factors within scope 3 than before. 

We acquired a company (Stamas Productions) and merged in a company (Nordic Steel Construction) from our own group in 2023. The increase was therefore expected, but it is positive that the gap between emissions and revenue growth remains high. Our goal is that the ratio between emissions and revenue should not decrease. We actually have even lower emissions in 2023 than in 2022, when compared to revenue.

Most of our trucks are now electric and soon we'll be replacing the last diesel trucks as well. In 2023, we bought a new service truck, electric of course. 

We only have framework agreements with transport companies that are fair transport certified. This means that working conditions and the vehicle fleet must be good and have the least possible impact on the environment. 

We have strict environmental requirements for the suppliers with whom we have framework agreements, and have regular collaboration meetings and audits to help and develop them.

When you travel to Nordic Steel, it's also easy to choose environmentally friendly transportation. We have 22 electric car chargers outside our buildings, which are also available to customers, visitors and the general public. We have a station for electric city bikes, which is a popular combination with train and bus tickets from Bryne station.

*Source: Regjeringen.no

**Source: Stenarecycling.com/news-insights/insights-inspiration/guides-articles/the-value-of-recycling-metals

Collaboration: Working together to achieve goals

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that almost the entire world is united around (through the UN 2030 Agenda), we need to work together. We see working together to achieve the goals as central to the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Nordic Steel is a single player in a larger system, which is why collaboration is key. The majority of emissions in the steel industry come from steel production. Collaboration is essential to reduce our indirect emissions, or scope 3. We will do what we can, through collaboration, to get our customers, partners and suppliers to make more environmentally friendly choices. 

Unique collaboration with Outokompu

The collaboration with steel manufacturer Outokumpu is a partnership that both companies value highly and have great ambitions for. 

- We are at the forefront of reducing emissions in the steel industry, and want to help customers and partners develop solutions that reduce the climate footprint through the right choice of materials. Reducing emissions from heavy industry is a prerequisite for achieving carbon neutrality in Europe - and together with Nordic Steel, we are now taking a new step by offering a sustainable solution to the Norwegian market. Our new partner is Norway's leading company in sheet metal processing and welding, and they have expertise that adds value to customers. We both have strong ambitions for a sustainable steel industry - with this collaboration we are one step closer to this vision," said Niklas Wass, Executive Vice President, Stainless Steel Europe at Outokumpu, when the collaboration between Nordic Steel and Outokumpu was announced.

Reportingand measurement

Nordic Steel has partnered with Compera, a start-up company that is developing a system for sustainability reporting and comparison of suppliers. It is a good way to get an overview, compare and rank suppliers according to climate, sustainability and human rights.

We have several leading players involved in the innovation project that will measure actual greenhouse gas emissions from everything we produce. Several major customers support the project, which will provide factual figures for decision-makers. We see this as a major commercial opportunity to bring the greenest steel to the market. In our experience, there is both a willingness and a desire in all industries to understand and embrace the opportunities for more sustainable solutions.

For us, collaboration also means sharing knowledge and expertise. We attend conferences, represent public and private stakeholders at meetings, participate in networks and write factual articles. Collaboration with others is necessary to achieve common goals.

Do you knowwhy Erling's hand will stand firm in a hurricane?

We have calculated it. We carry out all types of strength calculations and analyses, to test everything from materials, weight, temperature, strength and stress on what we produce. 

On theroof of the old dairy building in Bryne city center stands a three-meter high and four-meter wide aluminum hand. This is attached to a large steel stand. The hand is part of Pöbel's artwork by Erling Braut Haaland.

How do we know that the hand is going to withstand the environment it is in? That it is still there after storm, hurricane, rain and snow?

Senior project manager Thorbjørn Jensen in Nordic Steel explains:

- We have designed the hand and the steel stand to withstand the forces of nature. No parts of it will fly off, nor will it move. It is designed to withstand the weather and wind in this part of the country. The standards tell us what the basis is for what a structure like this should be able to withstand.

Erling's hand is attached to the steel frame with bolts. How many bolts were needed and where they should be placed, so that the stand is also attached to the base, has also been calculated. 

- "Before we could attach the rack to the top of the roof, we had to find out what the substrate on the roof is, how the roofing is constructed. The rack also needs to be attached to something, and here we found concrete to attach it to," Jensen explains.

Calculates equipment for 1000 meters under the sea for 50 years

At Nordic Steel, we have engineers with long experience and broad expertise in mechanical calculations, material knowledge and analysis models. Important tasks for the engineers are to look at how we utilize materials and when advanced construction techniques and analysis are required. The environment is a key element we think about, in order to use as little steel as possible. 

In aquaculture, much of the equipment we produce must be able to withstand feed, salt water, waves and strong currents. Production for the energy and offshore industry must have enormous strength, because the equipment must withstand extreme stresses offshore. We're talking about the use of equipment, temperatures, weight, vibrations and stress loads. We also perform seismic calculations to determine what equipment can withstand earthquakes.

- "We produce equipment that must be safe for 50 years, 1000 meters under water. This requires a greater degree of engineering. There is high pressure and currents on the seabed, and the equipment we make must have room to move or stretch. The steel we use must be properly dimensioned. Our equipment may also be part of a larger installation on the seabed, and vibrations from one part of the equipment may affect another. We calculate this too before we start production," says Thorbjørn Jensen. 

The equipment must be able to withstand extreme stresses

Emissions in the steel industry: Scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3

What is scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3? And where do the emissions actually come from? We explain!

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) has developed the most recognized standard for reporting greenhouse gas emissions. The standard divides emissions into three different scopes based on where the emissions come from. Dividing emissions in this way makes it easier to set emission reduction targets and measure progress. 

We report annually on scope 1 and 2, and parts of scope 3. In addition, we work continuously to reduce emissions across all three categories.

Scope 1: Direct emissions from machinery and vehicles

Scope 1 refers to the company's direct emissions, for example from the operation of machinery or the use of vehicles. At Nordic Steel, we have very low scope 1 emissions, as almost all production is electrified. The remaining emissions come from diesel for company cars and forklifts. By 2023, we will have replaced almost all our diesel trucks with electric trucks. 

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from energy use

Scope 2 is indirect emissions associated with the production of energy purchased by the company, in other words, the company's electricity consumption. At Nordic Steel, we work continuously to reduce consumption, and since 2019 we have had stable consumption despite increased sales, more employees and a large increase in production facilities. Most of the electricity we use comes from renewable hydropower.

Scope 3: Indirect emissions from the supply chain

Scope 3 includes all indirect emissions, except electricity, that are related to the company's activities. These are, for example, emissions from the production of materials used by the company or emissions from transportation. Scope 3 is the most complex category and spans 15 different sub-categories. It is also usually the largest category. In Nordic Steel, we estimate that around 90 percent of emissions come from scope 3. 

Why is scope 3 important?

There are major challenges associated with measuring scope 3. It can be difficult to access data from the value chain. The figures can be incomplete and scope 3 is very challenging to control and reduce.

Despite the complexity of scope 3, we have a close dialog with our suppliers and customers to reduce scope 3 emissions. We purchase the greenest steel available in the market, optimize transport routes in collaboration with transport suppliers, and design material-efficient solutions, to name a few examples. 

By working together in this way, we not only reduce scope 3 emissions, but also reduce climate risk and resource consumption, and increase transparency and knowledge across the value chain. Nordic Steel wants to make a difference.

Learn more about scope 4: Avoided emissions

Scope 4 is about how a company's services or products contribute to reducing or avoiding emissions throughout the value chain.

Reporting emissions and setting targets to reduce them has proven to be both environmentally and economically beneficial. However, it is only part of the solution if we are to achieve our climate goals. Companies can play an important role in developing and promoting products and services that avoid emissions - either by enabling emission reductions or by offering lower-emission versions of existing products.

What is scope 4?

Avoided emissions are often referred to as scope 4. The state-owned climate investment company, Nysnø, defines scope 4 as a quantification of the greenhouse gas emissions that will not be released into the atmosphere, or removed from it, as a result of adopting a particular climate technology compared to the current solution*. In other words, scope 4 quantifies the climate impact of greener products or services. 

In the steel industry, new production technology can contribute to avoided emissions. The global average factor for stainless steel produced with current technology is 2.42 tons of CO2 per ton of steel (75% recycled steel) and up to 6.82 tons of CO2 per ton of steel (30% recycled steel)**. With new climate technology, emissions can be significantly reduced and we can avoid millions of tons of CO2 annually.

Climate impact of green steel

The use of green steel is an example of avoided emissions. The production of green steel is not emission-free, but compared to traditionally produced steel, the emissions of green steel throughout its life cycle are much lower. 

The calculation of scope 4 is currently in an early development phase, and much work remains to be done before we have a common method and standard in the industry. Nevertheless, it is very useful to highlight the climate impact of greener alternatives.

The steel industry accounts for approximately eight percent of the world's global CO2 emissions. Increased demand for lower-emission steel is critical to the transition of the industry. To create such demand in the market, it is important that customers and end users understand the benefits of low-emission products and can trust that the climate impact is real. 

Highlights: Milestones in 2023

Acquisition of Stamas Productions

Nordic Steel acquired 100 percent of the shares in Stamas Productions in January 2023. Stamas Productions was known for high expertise in advanced steel structures, frames, piping systems, piping and load-bearing steel, with high requirements for certified welding.

Stamas Productions had 19 employees, was located at Klepp station and had a turnover of NOK 35 million when we took over ownership.

First in Norway with Circle Green

Finnish Outokumpu is a world-leading producer of stainless steel. In June 2023, Nordic Steel and Outokumpu entered into a partnership to offer the world's most sustainable stainless and acid-resistant steel in Norway. The Circle Green steel has 93% lower greenhouse gas emissions than the industry average. Nordic Steel became the first in Norway to offer Circle Green.

Transparency law

The Transparency Act is intended to ensure decent working conditions and compliance with human rights. This applies to us, our suppliers and business partners. We have conducted due diligence assessments based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and presented our report on the Transparency Act by the deadline in June. A serious industry with decent working conditions is important to us. 

Nordic Steel Construction part of Nordic Steel

Nordic Steel Construction was merged into Nordic Steel in September 2023. Both companies have always been under a common umbrella, the Nordic Steel Group. Now they were merged to join forces in a joint company, work smarter and have closer ties to customers. Nordic Steel Construction has now become a separate construction department within Nordic Steel. 

From piping systems to space travel

He started as an apprentice in 1995. Since then, he had been with the same company - until Stamas Productions was acquired by Nordic Steel in 2023.

Ånen Amundsen

Ånen Amundsen is a senior project manager at Nordic Steel. He has previously worked as a sheet metal worker, welder, industrial plumber, foreman, project manager, estimator and HR manager. It is also worth mentioning that he has a very high level of expertise and additional training in welding.

Stamas Productions was particularly known for top quality fabrication and installation of steel structures and piping. 

- "We worked particularly with thick carbon steel, and a lot of it was offshore-related. Our welding procedures covered carbon steel very well," says Ånen Amundsen.

Now both the people and the knowledge are part of Nordic Steel. Amundsen has been able to do what he likes best since joining Nordic Steel.

- For me, it's great. I really enjoy pricing and following up on projects. I have a lot of customers and a lot of jobs. I still work almost exclusively with carbon steel, and against the same things I've done before.

- Very good to be part of Nordic Steel

With Stamas Productions on the team, Nordic Steel has gained particularly good expertise in pipe systems and piping. In addition to good project managers, many skilled welders have become part of Nordic Steel.

- "We have great welders. We're good at what we do," says Amundsen.

After almost a year at Nordic Steel, former employees of Stamas Productions have many new colleagues, larger premises and many more different projects to work on. We ask Ånen Amundsen what the past year has been like.  

- I think it has gone very well. It's great to be part of Nordic Steel. I enjoy working on many different projects, and I'm happy with everyday life just as it is.

One of the projects Amundsen has been responsible for since joining Nordic Steel was the launch pad for Andøya Space, an exciting project in the space industry.

- It was great to work with. But so is everything else we work with, we work with steel.

First in Norway with the world's most sustainable stainless steel

The steel looks just like any other stainless steel. It has the same properties, is just as strong - and just as resistant to corrosion. The difference? It's produced with almost zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Outokumpu is a world-leading producer of stainless steel. Nordic Steel is Norway's leading steel competence center. In 2023, the two companies came together with a desire for customers in all types of industries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by choosing the most sustainable steel.

Photo: Outokumpu

The steel is called Circle Green and has 93 percent lower emissions than the industry average. The production of Circle Green was the first of its kind in the world. No other steel manufacturer has managed to produce stainless and acid-resistant steel with such low emissions, taking into account all greenhouse gas emissions, from raw material extraction and throughout the production process.

- "When a market leader like Outokumpu chooses Nordic Steel as its partner, it shows that what we have built up is serious and has significance far beyond national borders. Nordic Steel is proud to be the first to offer Circle Green in Norway," said CEO Børre Lobekk, when the collaboration between Outokumpu and Nordic Steel was launched in June.

Customers who choose Circle Green for their projects are leading the way in their industry. Like Nordic Steel and Outokumpu, they become part of the solution in the global fight against climate change.

Many material qualities

Circle Green is available in several stainless steel variants (including 304, 316, duplex).

Nordic Steel offers several types of steel that are produced in a more environmentally friendly way, including carbon steel. The options are vast for customers who want to choose more sustainable alternatives.

Along with the choice of materials, new technology, new machinery, efficient methods and choice of transportation also contribute to lower emissions. Nordic Steel has all this under control.

Meet some of our new colleagues in 2023

In 2023, we gained 25 new colleagues in Nordic Steel. 

Here you can get to know some of them.

The questions they have answered:

  1. When did you join Nordic Steel?
  2. What are your tasks?
  3. What was your first impression of Nordic Steel?
  4. How is the experience of Nordic Steel now?
  5. What are you working on right now?
Mathias Pedersen is a CAD designer
Mathias Pedersen

1. October 2, 2023

2. 2D and 3D drawing

3. I got the impression that Nordic Steel was a professional and forward-thinking company

4. Stronger confirmation of first impressions. Personally experience a steep learning curve with meaningful tasks

5. I'm designing a fast charger with motorized arms for speedboats

Bengt Sanne is senior project manager
Bengt Sanne

1. December 1, 2023

2. Management of large and small projects

3. An inclusive and exciting employer 

with big ambitions, who take good care of their employees

4. The answer is the same as the previous question

5. I'm working on a quote for bike charging facilities

Kevin Villas Moen is a technical draftsman
Kevin Villas Moen

1. Permanent employee 1 May 2023, but was hired for a short period before that

2. Create 3D models, production drawings and cutting files

3. Nordic Steel was very neat and tidy, with nice and tidy premises. I really felt that I had come to a serious and professional workplace, with a good energy. I was welcomed by welcoming and positive people with a good drive

4. Very good. I enjoy my work, my tasks and my colleagues. I have gotten to know several nice people, both from working together at work and at social events organized by Nordic Steel

5. I'm working on a fairly large project, with a large wave/water simulation facility. A lot to get to grips with and very educational

Hanne Gry Sandkleiva is a document controller
Hanne Gry Sandkleiva

1. December 4, 2023

2. General documentation

3. Absolutely fantastic

4. Still absolutely fantastic. Being trained by cheerful, attentive and skilled colleagues. Really enjoying it

5. I work on various projects, preparing an instruction manual for a crane and filing a certificate in Nordic Steel

Tone Lise Eike is a technical illustrator
Tone Lise Eike

1. In April 2023 part-time and from October 2023 full-time

2. Create 3D models, production drawings and cutting files

3. Very nice and welcoming people

4. Very positive, both with great tasks and a good working environment

5. I model some wheel fenders in 3D

Hans Erik Skretting is a welder
Hans Erik Skretting

1. November 2023

2. Welding district heating pipes

3. I loved it. Extremely nice people and good environment. Very welcoming and inclusive bunch

4. Even better than first impressions

5. I work on projects for Lyse NEO where I weld district heating pipes

Daniel Johnsen is a laser operator
Daniel Johnsen

1. September 2023

2. Everything to do with lasers, maintenance, forklift driving, incidental work in production and sometimes programming

3. The first thing that struck me was how welcoming and cheerful the people were. From the very first moment, it felt just like Børre himself said in the interview, "the best people, and the best team". Incredibly many good people

4. I feel that I'm in a company that takes me seriously and looks after its people. We play each other well, every single day. I really enjoy working here, it's a safe workplace

5. I've just put on a long drive that will hover tonight, after checking that everything looks okay. Now cleaning remains, before Emil and I expect the cops home after the evening shift

Connie Kristiansen Ranatunga is a CAD designer and project engineer
Connie Kristiansen Ranatunga

1. May 2, 2023

2. Drawing and engineering. I prepare drawings and cutting files for production. Make any changes and improvements to use the drawings in production. Sometimes we only get sketches or 2D drawings and have to draw both 3D models and production drawings. I'm also involved more in project follow-up as I like more varied work tasks

3. Discovered Nordic Steel when I cycled past when the company was at Orstad. Then there was a bit of press coverage when the company moved to Bryne, just a stone's throw from my own home. But it was the corporate film that first made me think that this looks like a pleasant and exciting place to work. Since then, I've followed Nordic Steel on social media, before I finally applied for a job and was lucky enough to end up here

4. A very pleasant place to work, with good and skilled people in all departments. There are lots of smiles when you walk through the doors. I like the positive attitude. We have customers who order everything between heaven and earth. We've also supplied equipment to the aerospace industry, which I was lucky enough to be involved in drawing and designing. It's definitely the most exciting job I've had so far

5. I prepare drawings and cutting files for the production of several large projects for one and the same customer. I've also recently become more involved in the actual project follow-up of these projects. I find it exciting and fun to follow the project in several stages

Rafal Podczaski is a welder
Rafal Podczaski

1. March 1, 2023

2. Welding aluminum, 316, duplex and operation of welding robot

3. The first impression was and is very positive. The company focuses on development, which I like.

4. "Nordic Steel is a development company, I can learn a lot here. There are many activities outside work, such as bowling, tennis and golf

5. I am working on an aluminum container for a charging battery

Some projects we have been involved in
Tangenvika railway bridge

Photo: Implenia/Norconsult

Norway's longest railway bridge is now being built over Lake Mjøsa, in connection with the expansion of the double track through Stange municipality. The railway bridge will be just over a kilometer long. Nordic Steel's contract is for the welding of steel piling pipes. This is done with advanced robotic orbital welding on site. 

Andøya Space
Photo: Isar Aerospace

Andøya Space is a center for launching research rockets and releasing scientific balloons. Nordic Steel has manufactured and delivered the structural frame for the entire launch pad at Andøya Space. Stairs, ventilation systems and other ancillary equipment have also been supplied. 

Krogstad biogas
Photo: Sweco

At Krogstad in Lillestrøm, construction is underway on a biogas plant, which is a facility that will produce energy from sewage sludge. Nordic Steel has supplied corten steel sandwich panels and installed them on several buildings for the new plant.

Brevik CCS
Photo: Aker Carbon Capture

The CO2 capture plant at Norcem's cement factory in Brevik will be the world's first large-scale capture plant at a cement producer, and will capture around 400,000 tons of CO2 annually. Nordic Steel has, via Aker Carbon Capture, delivered specialized piping products and special items to the plant.

Seven Falcon
Photo: Subsea7

Seven Falcon is one of the most advanced diving vessels in the world. Nordic Steel has made important equipment for one of the cranes on the ship. There are hydraulic sensors on the equipment, with holes made with 0.1 millimeter precision, to ensure optimal operation of the equipment.

Gigante Salmon
Photo: Gigante Salmon

Gigante Salmon is a fish farm in Helgeland, Norway. It is a land-based food fish facility. Nordic Steel has produced large water intake pipes for the facility in Rødøy municipality.

Photo: NordicEpod

Nordic Steel has designed, manufactured and installed the steel structures for NordicEpod's data storage devices. We have also installed sandwich panels on the structures.

Photo: Shell

The Jackdaw field offshore the UK has the potential to produce more than 6% of the country's gas production. Nordic Steel has supplied HVAC ducts and equipment, as well as pressure vessels and storage tanks for the Jackdaw development.

Yggdrasil - Hugin
Photo: Aker BP

Development of the Yggdrasil field is underway in the North Sea, consisting of the Hugin, Fulla and Munin license groups. Nordic Steel supplies, among other things, Air Handling Units (AHU) to Hugin A, and cabinets to Hugin B.

East Anglia
Photo: Iberdroa

The East Anglia Three offshore wind project is located in the North Sea, off the east coast of the UK. The project will have around 100 wind turbines, providing renewable energy to over 1 million homes. Nordic Steel has supplied ventilation ducts and equipment for the converter platform at East Anglia Three.

Hornsea 3
Photo: Aibel

Hornsea 3 is the third development of the Hornsea field in the North Sea, off the east coast of the UK. The offshore wind farm will provide renewable energy to 3 million UK households. Nordic Steel is supplying 130 tons of ventilation ducts for each of the two converter platforms for Hornsea 3. 

Sunrise Wind
Photo: Sunrise Wind

Sunrise Wind is one of the largest offshore wind projects in the US. It is located just outside New York and will supply renewable energy to 600,000 households. Nordic Steel has supplied ventilation ducts and equipment for the project.

Valhall PWP and Fenris
Photo: Aker BP

The construction of the Valhall and Fenris fields is a coordinated development project in the southern North Sea. We have produced Air Handling Units (AHU) for the central platform at Valhall and Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and control panels (WHCP) for Fenris.

Photo: Tess

Tess is a supplier of industrial equipment, particularly hoses, hose accessories and piping technology. Nordic Steel has designed and performed structural analysis before manufacturing a robust drum skid with pipe pool.

Eliquo PMI
Photo: Eliquo PMI

Eliquo PMI builds facilities for water and wastewater, district heating, district cooling and the process industry. Nordic Steel has supplied steel structures and process engineering equipment for a control basin project.

Type-approved offshore tankers

Nordic Steel has manufactured, assembled, type-approved and certified 28 tanks used to treat, recycle and manage contaminated water and industrial waste on offshore rigs. They are certified both as 2.7-1 offshore containers and according to PED as pressure tanks. 


The parking lot of one of the finest hiking forests in Jæren has been upgraded. In the parking lot, 25 light poles manufactured by Nordic Steel have been installed. The poles are made of stainless steel, powder-coated and shaped like trees.

Verket Brygge
Photo: Verket Brygge

Residential blocks with brick and steel - and a unique beach hotel. Welcome to the Verket district in Moss. Nordic Steel has made specially designed steel beams for the floor partitions and around the balconies of the apartment blocks. For the hotel, we have delivered a Corten steel facade and a steel structure for the winter garden.

Vinje Industry

This tank is a more environmentally friendly solution for the offshore industry. The tank has been developed in collaboration between Nordic Steel and Vinje Industri. The tank will contain urea, which is injected into the exhaust of diesel-powered machinery and equipment to reduce NOX emissions. This is a more environmentally friendly solution than using diesel alone.

If to Europe
Photo: If

The invention is Norwegian. Production is local. Now Wenn's car damage technology is taking Europe by storm - and Nordic Steel is a proud developer and manufacturer. Photo and AI technology checks the car for damage in seconds. The invention comes from the technology company Wenn and is designed and manufactured by Nordic Steel.

Johan Castberg
Photo: Equinor

In harsh Arctic conditions, ventilation units manufactured by Nordic Steel will provide fresh air for the Johan Castberg production ship in the Barents Sea.

Vatnahalsen bridge
Photo: Molven Limtre

The bridge is the first of its kind in Northern Europe. Vatnahalsen bridge is made of wood, but contains 10 tons of steel. Usually bridges are bent vertically. Vatnahalsen Bridge is bent vertically while swinging horizontally.

Framework agreement Statsforvalteren in Troms and Finnmark 
Photo: Vilde Øines Pedersen, State Governor of Troms and Finnmark

Nordic Steel has entered into a framework agreement with the State Governor of Troms and Finnmark, to supply spile attenuators for pink salmon. The framework agreement lasts for two years, with an option for two years. The agreement includes the production of 10 to 15 attenuators per year.

Stopping the humpback salmon
Photo: Lars Åke Andersen, State Governor of Troms and Finnmark

 The Vesterelva river in Finnmark caught the most pink salmon in the whole country. "We are very pleased to see that the attenuators work and that they have caught so many fish," says Bjørn Erik Ualand of Nordic Steel.

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