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90° degrees bend

This circular 90° bend is part of the Simduct series and intended for use in duct systems.
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90° Degrees Bend

This circular 90° bend is part of the Simduct series and intended for use in duct systems.

The bend is available in several dimensions and thicknesses.


The Simduct brand is a product line of top quality acid-resistant ducts. Nordic Steel owns the entire Simduct series.

The products developed in this series have through many years of testing, modification and adjustment become entirely unique. The ducts and equipment are of the highest quality in the industry, both in terms of strength, density and fire resistance. The products are manufactured in acid-resistant steel AISI 316L.

Simduct ducts B, C, F and P are registered trademarks. Compared to traditional Class A ducts, the weight of the duct system is significantly reduced by selecting Simduct.

Simduct Class F ducts have been tested and approved in fire class A-0. Because of this, class F ducts can replace Class A ducts. The weight is reduced by 60 percent, and with easier pairings and generally smaller volume, the Class F ducts are a very good choice. The ducts are also considerably easier to install, taking less time than with Class A ducts.

Tests to satisfy fire class A-0 have been carried out by SINTEF. The tests are satisfied as the ducts are still intact after 60 minutes in an environment of 850°C. The technical report approving the test is produced by DNV. (Report No. 2007 – 0816.) DNV GL/ABS approved the results of the SINTEF test to ensure that it was within IMO RES. A.754 (18). The test has also been approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Features and benefits (90° Grader Bend)

• Easy installation and assembly

• Lightweight compared to Class A ducts

• Lower installation costs

• Lower operating costs

• Less cut off

• Better flow ratio

• Lower pressure drop

• Less vibration and lower sound

Surface treatment

• Acid washed

Certifications and classes

• NS-EN ISO 15138 (Eurovent 2/3 &Eurovent 2/4)

• Fire class A-0 (Class F)

• IMO Res. A.754 (18)

• Approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

• NS 3561 Circular Ducts Made of Steel plates

• NS 3560 Rectangular Ducts Made of Metal Plates

• Swedish Standard SS 2609

• Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association:

Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork DW 142

• Ductwork Leakage Testing DW 143

• Equinor Technical Standard:

Ductwork, Grills and Diffusers, G-SP-107, Oct. 1992, Rev. B.

• Norsok Standard, H-CR-001. Fox. 3 July 1998

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