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Electric fire damper

The damper is equipped with GRP cross-tubes and lifting hooks as standard.
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Electric fire damper

The primary application of the electric fire damper is ventilation and air ducts. They are designed to prevent the spread of fire in ventilation ducts. The mounting position is both vertical and horizontal (tire or bulkhead).

The fire damper consists of a rectangular flanged steel housing with a set of moving knives and a start-up mechanism that can be run automatically or manually. All the structural elements are made of stainless steel. The damper is equipped with GRP cross tubes and lifting hooks as standard (lifting brackets required by norm NORSOK R-002).

When the damper is closed, the blades are clamped on flat rods mounted inside the housing. Fire dampers can be obtained in different sizes (width x height) that range from 100 to 1600 mm. Drilling of flanges is carried out in accordance with ISO 15138.


The mechanism kicks in if the temperature inside or outside the duct increases above the set temperature (standard 72 ° C, alternatively 95 ° C). If the power supply is interrupted, the spring return actuator closes the blades. In the event of a power failure, the fire damper can be closed with an Allen key for manual override.

Certifications and classes

• Certificates Guidelines for Marine Equipment 2014/90 /

• EU EF type testing in possession of Polish ship register Conformity Mark 1463 0 (MED)

• NORSOK R-002

• ISO 15138

• PRS certified

• FTP Code 2010

• Fire class A0

• MED1463

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Electric fire damper

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