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Simple wide drawer section

Simple wide heavy duty drawer section used for safe handling and storage of heavy equipment.
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Simple wide drawer section

Single wide drawer section (Heavy duty) used for safe handling and storage of heavy equipment.

With a carrying capacity of 600 kilograms per tray, this drawer section is well suited for both transportation and storage of heavy tools and equipment.

Each tray is retractable up to 85 percent of the total length of the tray, providing good access to the contents while ensuring HSE during work.

The drawer section can be adapted to different sizes, both in length, height and width.

Can also be adapted to all types of containers.


Rectangular drawer section with roller rails for easy entry and exit.

Special dimensions available on request. The drawer section can be obtained in several material qualities.

Product characteristics

• Long lifespan

• HSE friendly

• Dynamic load 600 kilograms

• Static load 1200 kilograms

• Safe handling

Surface treatment

Optional processing:

• Varnishing

• Hot-dip galvanizing

• Paint

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Simple wide drawer section

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