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Circular shut-off damper

The damper is operated with pneumatic actuator as standard. Nominal working pressure is 6 bar.
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Circular shut-off damper

The circular shut-off damper is type A and designed and prepared for use both in marine and offshore environments. The damper's primary application is in HVAC systems. The damper can be used indoors and on open decks.


The damper housing is made of a steel sleeve that is finished with flanges. Drilling flanges that can be selected:
– Standard or heavy (holes will be doubled).
– According to ISO 15138.

Special dimensions and drilling are available on request. The standard thickness of the damper housing varies from 3 to 8 mm. 10 mm thickness is available on request and is mostly dedicated to outdoor use.
The fan housing is made of carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized or lacquered up to C5-M, stainless steel, including AISI 316L or seawater resistant aluminum alloy.


The damper can be used as a balance damper on request (electrical or manual activation).
The damper is operated with pneumatic actuator as standard. Nominal working pressure is 6 bar. You can choose between electrical or manual activation on request.

Optional accessories

• External clamping box on damper housing for easy connection

• Casing extended to nominal diameter

• Mesh as a guard on the inlet and outlet (when the casing is extended)

• Flexible connection for easy connection to the duct

• Counter-flange

• Foot mounting, with or without vibration dampers

Surface treatment

Standard treatment is carbon steel hot-dip galvanizing.
Optional processing:

• Varnishing

• Hot-dip galvanizing

• Paint

Certifications and classes

• Certificates Guidelines for Marine Equipment 2014/90 /

• EU EF type testing in possession of Polish ship register Conformity Mark 1463 0 (MED)

• NORSOK R-002

• ISO 15138

• PRS certified

• FTP Code 2010

• Fire class A0

• MED1463

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Circular shut-off damper

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