Brewery trail in Asker

Asker municipality is building a continuous coastal path from Bærum to Slemmestad. Nordic Steel has delivered a bridge, stairs, railings and walkway for one of the sections.

Mayor Lene Conradi (H) opened the jetty on Mellom-Nes in Asker on Tuesday 9 August 2022. Now people have gained unique access to the sea and can walk along the area between Slippen and Breivika.

- We have manufactured and installed bridges, stairs, railings and walkways in the area. We have also produced brackets that attach the jetty to the mountain. The steep rock is now possible for everyone who goes for a walk in the area, explains Bjørn Erik Ualand, head of the transport and infrastructure department at Nordic Steel.

The Bryggestien goes around the steep rock right down by the lake

Nordic Steel's contract is with Aktiv Veidrift AS, which is the main contractor for the brewery. Plant manager Steffen Ask is happy to open the jetty together with good partners and that the jetty can finally be put into use.

- The collaboration with Nordic Steel has worked very well and the end result has been great, says Steffen Ask in Aktiv Veidrift.

Stairs to get over the steep rock

Steel and wood adapted to the landscape

A combination of steel and wood has been used on the jetty. The steel is supplied in both stainless steel (316) and as structural steel (S-355J2). The wood used on the walkway is thermal ash, a sustainable type of wood that eventually acquires a fine silver-grey patina.

An important environmental theme in the project has been to choose solutions with as little land intervention as possible. The materials used are therefore adapted to the landscape.

Great combination of steel and wood. The tree eventually turns silver-grey

- Outstanding

Asker municipality's project manager Nikola Rozek is very pleased with the beautiful wharf path and that the area by the sea is now accessible to even more people.

- Our experience with Nordic Steel is completely unique. The work that has been carried out is very nice, it has been particularly well adapted to the area, says Nikola Rozek.

All types of deliveries to public places, such as hiking areas, roads, bridges, tunnels, parks or squares, are common tasks at Nordic Steel.

- We tailor and adapt the products exactly as our customers want it. Nordic Steel specially adapts everything in terms of size, location and function, explains Bjørn Erik Ualand in Nordic Steel.

Mayor Lene Conradi (H) opens the coastal path on Mellom-Nes

- The collaboration with Nordic Steel has worked very well and the end result has been great.

Steffen Ash
Aktiv Veidrift AS

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