Dogger Bank B

Dogger Bank B receives 120 tonnes of ventilation ducts from Nordic Steel. This is exactly the same amount that was delivered to Dogger Bank A.

- We are very pleased that Aibel has chosen our company as their supplier of ventilation ducts, also for Dogger Bank B. High quality delivered on time has been crucial to Aibel, says Thor Erik Hebnes, Head of the HVAC Department at Nordic Steel.

Aibel builds converter platforms for Dogger Bank. It is from these platforms that the HVDC technology will be used to transmit renewable energy to 6 million UK households. Ventilation is crucial on these types of platforms. The ducts must therefore be of outstanding quality.

Norwegian production

In the autumn of 2020, production of ventilation ducts for Dogger Bank A began. All ducts were packed and shipped directly to Aibel’s yard in Thailand for installation, taking over 40 containers, each of 40 ft, to ship the 120 tons of ducts.

In August 2021, production of a new 120 tonnes of ducts to Dogger Bank B started. Norwegian production directly from the factory at Bryne is a key advantage for customers such as Aibel.

- Aibel has been following the production closely. This has led to a unique cooperation and communication surrounding everything from design, approvals, progress and packing, Hebnes

Large contract for the HVAC department

Nordic Steel is Norway's leading manufacturer of ventilation ducts and equipment for all industries. Ventilation ducts of the Simduct type , which is Nordic Steel's own brand, and ducts in class A, B and E are supplied to the world's largest offshore wind farm, Dogger Bank.

The contract for Dogger Bank A was the largest so far for the HVAC department of Nordic Steel when it was awarded in the autumn of 2020. Dogger Bank B is an equivalent contract, again among the largest for the department.

Dogger Bank – the world’s largest offshore wind farm

Doggerbank is the largest offshore wind development in the world and is being developed in three phases, Doggerbank A, B and C. Doggerbank is a joint venture between Equinor (40%), SSE Renewables (40%) and Vårgrønn (20%).

Nordic Steel again emphasize our strong commitment to the environment, taking part in the development of renewable energy.

- We take part in future industries, both as in renewable energy with Dogger Bank, and in sustainable salmon farming on land, as with Salmon Evolution. Nordic Steel is a future-oriented company, making a clear stance on sustainability of its operations, it is therefore natural for us to take part in the most important projects of the future, says Børre Lobekk, CEO of Nordic Steel.

Dogger Bank facts: 

  • Dogger Bank will be the world's largest bottom-fixed offshore wind development project
  • Dogger Bank is located in the North Sea, on the east coast of Yorkshire (UK)
  • The water depths range from 18m to 63m
  • To be developed in three phases, Doggerbank A, B and C. Dogger Bank is a joint venture between Equinor, SSE Renewables and Vårgrønn
  • Dogger Bank A will be operational from 2023, Dogger Bank B from 2024
  • 6 million UK households will receive renewable energy from Dogger Bank


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