Electrification of Johan Sverdrup

The giant Johan Sverdrup development in the North Sea is powered from shore. The onshore power plant for phase two has 45 tonnes of ventilation ducts from Nordic Steel.

"The onshore power plant has offshore requirements for ventilation. It is thus important to have solid ventilation for the plant, which we deliver with our ventilation ducts," says Stein Finnesand, HVAC engineer at Nordic Steel.

Installation of Nordic Steel ducts at Haugsneset

Contract with Aibel AS

At Haugsneset outside of Kårstø the onshore power plant that Aibel AS has delivered to phase one of Johan Sverdrup is located. In the exact same area, Aibel is also building the plant for phase two, which is planned to start operating in 2022.

Nordic Steel has a contract with Aibel to deliver the entire duct solution for a comprehensive HVAC system that provides solid ventilation, for phase two of Johan Sverdrup. The cooperation with Aibel is very solid, after several previous quality deliveries. The feedback is also positive on the delivery to the onshore power plant at Haugsneset.

"Simply top quality, from a serious and positive partner," says Tommy Solås, senior HVAC engineer at Aibel, when describing Nordic Steel's delivery.

Thor Erik Hebnes (head of department HVAC) with a large duct produced by us

Record low greenhouse gas emissions

Johan Sverdrup is one of the oil and gas fields in the world with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. Savings in emissions from Johan Sverdrup exclusively is estimated at more than 620,000 tonnes of CO2 on average each year. This is possible partly because the power to operate the platform comes from shore, and mainly from Norwegian green hydropower.

"We are proud to make an important contribution to one of the largest oil fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, where greenhouse gas emissions are at a record low in comparisment with other fields. Nordic Steel will be part of the progression toward a low-carbon society, which we are happy to do by being part of the electrification of Johan Sverdrup," says Børre Lobekk, CEO of Nordic Steel Group.

Facts about Johan Sverdrup:

  • The third largest oil field on the Norwegian continental shelf
  • The field is located on Utsirahøyden, 140 kilometers west of Stavanger
  • It is expected that the resources in the field total 2.7 billion barrels of oil
  • The oil is piped to Mongstad in Vestland, the gas to Statpipe and on to Kårstø in Rogaland
  • The field is being developed in two stages, where the first field was opened in October 2019, the second field is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2022
  • Power from land drives the field and contributes to low climate emissions
  • Total production income from the field is estimated at more than NOK 900 billion
  • Partners in the field are Equinor (operator), Lundin Norway, Petoro, Aker BP and Total

"Simply top quality, from a serious and positive partner," says Tommy Solås, senior HVAC engineer at Aibel, when describing Nordic Steel's delivery.

Tommy Solås
Aibel AS

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