Footbridge over the Alna River

It is over 17 meters long and has been produced and assembled in one piece. The footbridge over the Alna River is a complete delivery with steel work and assembly.

- The steel contractor Nordic Steel Construction was commissioned to assemble the bridge, which is completely produced at the steel center Nordic Steel. This is a project that suits us very well. We deliver complete steel deliveries to customers, explains Aleksander Lundeland, project manager at Nordic Steel Construction .

The steel bridge is produced and installed for the AF Group , on behalf of the City of Oslo. The hiking area along the Alna River has been upgraded, and the bridge is located on the hiking trail between Furuset and Oslo.

- The collaboration has been excellent. It has been good planning right from the start and finally a great and precise delivery from Nordic Steel Construction, says Njål Bakkeberg, project manager at AF Byggfornyelse.

A successful collaboration. From left: Njål Bakkeberg in AF Gruppen, Per Lillemoen in Gast Entreprenør and Torjus Ulsaker in Nordic Steel Construction.

17.1 meters, 13 tons

The steel bridge was put into production at Nordic Steel in January. It is made of carbon steel and welded together in one piece. The bridge is 17.1 meters long and weighs almost 13 tons.

- After production was completed, the bridge was surface treated in corrosion class C5, to withstand a very corrosive environment along the Alna River in Oslo, Lundeland says.

The collaboration works

The bridge was driven by special transport from Bryne to Oslo. Nordic Steel Construction was ready for assembly, and everything worked so well that the assembly was carried out in just a few hours.

- Good planning and good preparation meant that the task of installing the bridge over the river went very well, says Lundeland.

Torjus Ulsaker is head of Nordic Steel Construction's department in Oslo. He emphasizes the strength that Nordic Steel and Nordic Steel Construction have together in the two companies.

- This means that we can deliver even better to customers. We can deliver everything in steel processing and can carry out the assembly in the end. For customers, we help to find solutions, tailored to each project.

- The collaboration has been excellent. There has been good planning right from the start and finally a great and precise delivery from Nordic Steel Construction.

Njål Bakkeberg
AF Group

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