The new assembly line at Gilje is specially designed. This is where new windows are created, after steel deliveries from Nordic Steel and assembly from Nordic Steel Construction.

Today's window is getting bigger and the requirements for quality are changing. When Gilje's assembly line for windows and doors is to meet the future, it will be done in collaboration with Nordic Steel.

Windows supplied by Gilje (Photo: Gilje)

- We have invested in new machines and a new plant. The windows people want today outgrew pallet size a long time ago. We now have equipment to raise the windows, it is important for a better and safer working environment and something we have high expectations for, says Tor Steinar Gilje in Gilje.

Steel structures with rails

On rails throughout the factory

A new conveyor belt assembly line has been built in Gilje's production premises in Dirdal. Everything to do with the installation of glass is carried out here. The line is almost reminiscent of train tracks, with their own sidings, and different stations for the various work tasks - which is everything from installing glass, frames and fittings.

Tor Steinar Gilje in Gilje, Stig Laland in Nordic Steel and Leif Holmgard in Nordic Steel Construction

- It started with a desire for what they should do in the factory to get a better assembly line. We knew we couldn't use the ceiling to hang the equipment in. So we designed and calculated an alternative with new columns throughout the building that carry the system. We have then produced everything from steel, in addition to Nordic Steel Construction having carried out all the assembly, says Stig Laland, head of the plate department at Nordic Steel.

Approximately 45 tonnes of steel have been delivered to Gilje, divided into columns, suspensions, load carriers, brackets, plate jacks, busbar suspensions and clamp fuses. Everything is delivered in carbon steel, either galvanized or painted.

The steel structure runs through the entire production premises

Adapts the lifting of the window

- Throughout the project, Nordic Steel has adapted the equipment exactly as we need it. All parts for the windows are placed on this assembly line, so we also save a lot on internal transport, explains Tor Steinar Gilje.

The large load carriers mean that the windows can be adjusted up or down and moved around the room. They are used almost like train carriages across the entire line, through the entire factory.

Load carrier for lifting windows of all sizes
Calculation performed for the load carriers

Did not affect Gilje's production

Nordic Steel's sister company, the steel contractor Nordic Steel Construction, has measured and installed all equipment that Nordic Steel has produced.

- A very good collaboration, it has worked very well. We get help as soon as we need something and the response time at Nordic Steel is very fast, says Leif Holmgard, project manager at Nordic Steel Construction.

In order for the production of Gilje to be carried out in a safe and efficient manner, Nordic Steel Construction has carried out all assembly at night when there has been no work on the premises.

- The feedback from Gilje has been very positive and it has been greatly appreciated that we did not affect their daily production, points out Holmgard.

Stig Laland from Nordic Steel, Kine, Gøril, Alexandra, Karen, Tor Steinar Gilje, all in Gilje, and Leif Holmgard from Nordic Steel Construction
Load carrier of window
The system on conveyor belts

- Throughout the project, Nordic Steel has adapted the equipment exactly as we need it. All parts for the windows are placed on this assembly line, so we also save a lot on internal transport

Tor Steinar Gilje

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