Klosbøle Bridge

High demands on accuracy and welding were necessary on Klosbøle bridge. Only the cross beams weigh more than two tonnes each.

Klosbøle bridge is 50 meters long and has a span of 40 meters. The bridge is part of the development of E16 through Valdres and was opened in 2019.

Klosbøle bridge consists of many hundreds of cubic metres of glulam that Moelven delivers in tyre construction and the craft. A large part duplex is also included in the delivery.

Resolution of the mission

The bridge is made of massive glulam constructions. It is carried by four cross carriers of two tonnes each and two small cross carriers of 600 kilos each. The glulam arch is slotted together with the slotted boards, this is produced in Duplex. Each fitting weighs approximately 300 kilograms. Between the glulam arch and the carriageway, eight hanging columns weighing from 140 to 316 kilos are mounted.

Design and fabrication basis:

  • Bridge design, Handbook N400 (2015)
  • NS-EN Eurocode standards
  • Process Code 2, Manual R762,

Our services

  • Design and development
  • Production of slotted plates
  • Production of slot fittings
  • Production of fittings
  • Production of cross beams

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