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Here is one of Kverneland Energi's lightning chargers. It has been specially designed for the construction industry, in close collaboration with Nordic Steel.

At first glance, the lightning charger looks like a container, built in carbon steel. Inside comes ventilation, insulation, control cabinet, software and battery. The solution has been developed by Kverneland Energi. When it is finished it will go to a construction site, ready to charge electrical construction machinery.

Both design, production and assembly of the container takes place at Nordic Steel.

- At Nordic Steel, it is done properly from the start. We collaborate very well, create good products for each other and go in the same direction, says Per Kåre Fuglestad, project manager at Kverneland Energi.

Battery container in production at Nordic Steel.

Kverneland Energi has secured many batteries and aims to produce up to 30 lightning chargers next year. Nordic Steel is a proud, local producer.

- This is a very nice project for us to be involved in. The collaboration and dialogue has been close and good all along. In addition, we get to help create something that is better for the environment, says Roy Inge Haugstad, project manager at Nordic Steel.

Illustration of the lightning charger
Important cooperation

Nordic Steel produces what the customer wants. Often the products are created in collaboration with the customer, as in this case.

- Engineers and electricians from Kverneland Energi have said what they need, and given us input on the design of the container, which we have outlined and made suggestions for, Haugstad elaborates.

- It is important for us to support local jobs. Here we get a short-haul product that we have a close dialogue about all the time, points out Fuglestad.

From left: Per Kåre Fuglestad, Kverneland Energi and Roy Inge Haugstad, Nordic Steel
To the construction sites of the future

The lightning charger is a product for construction sites of the future where there will be less climate emissions. On many construction sites there is a requirement for electric construction machines, but charging the machines is often a challenge. Diesel generators are often used to charge the electric machines, but it is a solution with a lot of noise and large climate emissions.

- This charger works in the same way as a fast charger for electric cars, only that it charges construction machinery. Such a station can charge two to four construction machines in a short time. The container can also supply construction electricity and does not use electricity when it is not in use, explains Fuglestad.

Welding work on the container
Solution for large and small construction sites

For construction sites where contractors move around or are on short assignments, there is also a solution other than the several-tonne container. Nordic Steel is in the process of producing a smaller lightning charger that is built on a car trailer.

- The charger for the car trailer is very suitable for smaller construction sites. It is built in aluminum due to its lower weight and can be a good option for machine rental companies to have in their portfolio, says Fuglestad.

Illustration of a lightning charger on a car trailer

- At Nordic Steel, it is done properly from the start. We collaborate very well, create good products for each other and go in the same direction.

Per Kåre Fuglestad
Kverneland Energy

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