Majorplassen Bridge

The Majorplassen bridge is assembled with steel from Nordic Steel.

Majorplassen bridge in Kongsberg is 50 metres long, 40 tonnes heavy and one of 14 bridges in the Damåsen-Saggrenda road project on the E134.

The bridge is one of the longest wooden bridges in Norway, it is joint by steel delivered directly from Nordic Steel at Jæren.

‍ Solution of the assignment

The unprecedented true arc consists of six cross carriers of up to three tons each. At each end, four foot fittings are produced that are slotted into the glulam arch. Each fitting weighs about 550 kilograms.

Design and fabrication basis:

  • Bridge design, Handbook N400 (2015)
  • NS-EN Eurocode standards
  • Process Code 2, Manual R762

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