Norsenga Bridge

Nordic Steel has contributed important steel deliveries to Norsenga bridge.

Norsenga bridge on E16 and state highway 2 in Kongsvinger is a total of 94.5 metres long and was opened in 2017.

The bridge has two lanes, with walking and cycling paths. It is divided into three spans and is foundationed on pointed concrete piles. A total of 710 cubic metres of glulam are supplied by Moelven for the construction and truss. In total, the Norsenga bridge weighs over 400 tonnes, divided into both wood and steel.

It required 66 tons of black steel and 70 tons of Duplex in the delivery. Five of the transverse carriers are in black steel and four in the Duplex, these weigh between 6 and 10 tons each. Four duplex hanging pillars of 2.7 tons are also produced each.

A major challenge in the project was its location. The bridge was to be mounted over the railway, where train traffic would mostlyrun simultaneously.

Resolution of the mission

The bridge consists of massive glulam structures, these are interconnected with slit plates at the ends of the massive glulam beams. Slit fittings are used to screw in massive wood screws to keep the construction in place. Large bridge carriers in acid-resistant steel were also produced to secure the structures.

Design and fabrication basis:

  • Bridge design, Handbook N400 (2015)
  • NS-EN Eurocode standards
  • Process Code 2, Manual R762

Our services

  • Design and development
  • Production of slotted plates
  • Production of slot fittings
  • Production of fittings
  • Production of support beams
  • Production of support arms
  • Production of bridge trailers

- Nordic Steel has shown a willingness to solve demanding structures and delivers quality of requirements beyond current standards. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has its own handbook for bridge structures with additional requirements that must be satisfied and documented. This is the key to our cooperation with Nordic Steel.

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