Salmon Evolution

Nordic Steel has together with Artec Aqua designed important water treatment equipment for the giant Salmon Evolution fish farm in Møre og Romsdal. In the spring of 2021, production of 180 tonnes of equipment for the first construction phase began.

Nordic Steel has a contract with Artec Aqua, which is the general contractor for Salmon Evolution. Artec Aqua is one of the largest developers of aquaculture facilities on land, and the company has specialist expertise in water treatment. Salmon Evolution will be one of Europe's largest land-based fish farms.

CO2 and nitrogen aerators

Nordic Steel produces DeGasso aerators based on design and water treatment technology from Artec Aqua, which reduces the CO2 and nitrogen content in the water of the fish farm, which is absolutely necessary to ensure optimal conditions for the fish.

- We produce twelve CO2 aerators and six nitrogen aerators, which remove CO2 and nitrogen from the water, by pumping the water at an enormous speed through the aerators. The technology from Artec Aqua makes it possible to reuse up to 70 percent of the water with the water treatment that takes place in the CO2 aerators, explains Ola André Synes, sales manager for Nordic Steel in Ålesund.

Photo: Artec Aqua AS

60,000 litres of water is to be pumped through each of the CO2 aerators per minute. The CO2 aerators have a weight of about 10 tonnes each.
Knowledge of equipment and technology is essential to deliver at a level like this.

"We have been close to the industry for many years and contribute with professional and technical expertise that benefits land-based fish farming . Understanding good fish health is key, as are the right finish, function and quality of the products we produce," explains Synes.

Nordic Steel is close to the maritime industry with its own office in Sunnmøre. The company has many years of experience from the industry.

Photo: Artec Aqua AS

Specialist expertise in the aquaculture industry

Nordic Steel has specialist expertise and extensive experience in developing and producing separation equipment for offshore installations at home and abroad. The company will bring its knowledge and experience in order to optimize equipment for the maritime industry – now also for fish farming on land.

Separation technology is transferable from offshore to aqua and water treatment at a certain level. At Nordic Steel, we have extensive experience in optimizing design. In many cases, we arrive at more production-friendly solutions, which are also more cost-effective for the customer.

Competence was also one of the factors that was important when Nordic Steel got the contract with Artec Aqua.

-Nordic Steel has won this contract in tough competition with a supplier market that has really caught the attention of the aquacultural industry. Price has been crucial, but Nordic Steel has so far also proven solid expertise and collaboration," says Bjørnar Flem, purchasing manager at Artec Aqua.

Nordic Steel will deliver the first part of the equipment to Artec Aqua in August 2021.

Photo: Artec Aqua AS

Facts about Salmon Evolution

  • The facility is located on Indre Harøy in Hustadvika municipality in Møre og Romsdal
  • Construction began in the spring of 2020
  • It will be one of Europe's largest onshore fish farms
  • The fish farm will be expanded thorugh three phases
  • Phase 1 is to be completed in 2022
  • Production of 9000 tonnes of fish a year with the first phase
  • Completed through the three phases, it will provide 36,000 tonnes of fish a year

- Nordic Steel has won the contract for Salmon Evolution in tough competition with a supplier market that has really caught the attention of the aquaculture industry. Price has been decisive, but Nordic Steel has so far proven high competence and interaction.

Bjørnar Flem (Artec Aqua AS)
Artec Aqua AS

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