Steien Bridge in Alvdal

Over 20 tonnes of steel from Nordic Steel to the Steien bridge in Alvdal.

Steien bridge in Alvdal is Norway's longest wooden bridge in one span, with a length of 88.2 metres. The bridge leads highway 3 over the river Glomma, and is a 20-metre wide driving bridge with pedestrian and cycle path on both sides. The bridge was opened in 2016.

The bridge consists of hundreds of cubic metres of glulam that Moelven delivered in deck structures and tross works. Over 20 tons of steel goes into the glulam construction.

Resolution of the mission

Steien bridge is a network arch bridge, which consists of massive glulam structures. It is carried by glulam arches that are 14 meters at their highest.

There are two glulam bridges on each side with tension bars that secure the arch to the bridge itself. In the arch there are slotted steel top fittings, which in turn are fastened in tensile rods. Each fitting weighs about 170 kilograms. The glulam arch is joint together with the slot plates manufactured by us.

Design and fabrication basis:

  • Bridge design, Handbook N400 (2015)
  • NS-EN Eurocode standards
  • Process Code 2, Manual R762

Our services

  • Design and development
  • Production of slotted plates
  • Production of slot fittings
  • Production of fittings
  • Production of cross beams

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