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This tank is a more environmentally friendly solution for the offshore industry. The tank has been developed in collaboration between Nordic Steel and Vinje Industri.

The tank will contain urea, which will be injected into the exhaust of diesel-powered machinery and equipment to reduce NOX emissions. It is a more environmentally friendly solution than using diesel alone.

Arnt Egil Solås (project manager in Vinje Industri AS) and Christopher Vold (project manager in Nordic Steel)

- Our brief was to find space for a tank on an offshore rig, where there were very limited placement options. We scanned and measured to optimize the location, performed engineering and found a solution. We developed the tank in a very good cooperation with Nordic Steel, explains Arnt Egil Solås, Project Manager at Vinje Industri AS. 

Urea tank manufactured at Nordic Steel

Norsok standard

- Vinje Industri contacted us with a need for the design and production of two such tank systems. We were involved in finding good solutions so that they were manufactured in accordance with current standards and regulations for offshore use, says Christopher Vold, project manager at Nordic Steel.

Vinje Industri finds solutions and installs equipment for different types of industries. Nordic Steel optimizes and manufactures equipment for all types of industries. A good match there.

- We have several types of products that you can produce for us. This has been a very positive collaboration, with everything from solving the design, to production and follow-up along the way," says Arnt Egil Solås. 

Inspection of tank

Eight thoughts became two

The dimensions of the tank, which is actually composed of four tanks, are large. The tank is 5.9 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 4.2 meters high. In addition, there is the frame on which it stands.

The urea tank is made of 316L acid-proof steel, which is highly corrosion resistant and suitable for the offshore environment. The tank is certified by DNV. The feedback from DNV was that the product was of good quality and met the requirements of the standard.

- It has become a very good product, where we delivered piping in addition to the tanks. We have always had very good communication with Vinje. Together we have delivered a customized solution for the offshore industry, says Christopher Vold.

- This has been a very positive collaboration, from solving the design, to production and follow-up along the way

Arnt Egil Solås, Vinje Industri
Vinje Industry

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