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Dogger Bank located outside of the UK will be the largest off shore wind farm in the world. The groundbreaking project will initially receive 130 tonnes of ventilation ducts from Nordic Steel.

Aibel AS from Haugesund has a contract with Equinor and the British company SSE to build two converter platforms for Dogger Bank. It is from these platforms that the high-voltage DC-technology will deliver energy to UK households.

Nordic Steel has entered into a contract with Aibel to supply ventilation ducts to the first platform. The agreement also entails an option for the development of the second platform. The Bryne company is extremely proud to take part in the world-leading project. 

Production has started 

"The contract is the largest so far for Nordic Steel's HVAC department and underlines our commitment to the green shift. A significant part of our production ahead is dedicated to the ducts of Dogger Bank," says Thor Erik Hebnes, head of the HVAC department at Nordic Steel.

The production facilities has already been characterised by the project. Nordic Steel has already started producing the ventilation ducts for Dogger Bank. As many as 130 tonnes of ducts will be produced in the coming months.

As Nordic Steel has produced the ducts, they are to be sent to Aibel's yard in Thailand for installation, before the entire platform returns to Haugesund for final assembly before installation on the field.

Production at Dogger Bank is due to start in 2023.

Green supplier

Nordic Steel and Aibel have a solid cooperation. Previous quality deliveries were weighted together with price when Nordic Steel received the contract, which is a double-digit million amount. Ventilation is very important on these types of platforms, as the ducts must have the highest quality in the industry.

For Aibel, Nordic Steel was the right partner, also because Nordic Steel is a green supplier and clearly takes responsibility for the green shift. Offshore wind will play a key role in the transition to a low-carbon society. When the company gets the opportunity to be a part of the largest offshore wind farm construction in the world, it is positive for several aspects.

"The green shift is the future and we will take part in it. Nordic Steel is to take a leading position for a greener industry, both through production, operations and everything we do in the company. It is therefore huge for us to be part of the giant Dogger Bank project," says Børre Lobekk, CEO of Nordic Steel Group.

Facts about the project

  • Dogger Bank will be the world's largest bottom-fixed offshore wind development project
  • Dogger Bank is located in the North Sea, on the east coast of Yorkshire (UK)
  • The sea depth is 20-35 metres
  • Doggerbank is a joint venture between Equinor, SSE Renewables and Vårgrønn
  • Start of operation is set for 2023
  • 6 million UK households will receive renewable energy from Dogger Bank

Aibel AS

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