Stela bru

The amazing Stela bridge has just opened. Nordic Steel is a proud supplier to several great bridges in Innlandet.

 As many as nine bridges have received steel from Nordic Steel, in connection with the E6 development project. The bridges are built in wooden construction from Moelven Limtre and are located across a 15 kilometer long stretch.

 - Stela bridge has a total of 14 tonnes of steel from Nordic Steel. Everything is produced in low temperature carbon steel. We are proud to contribute to such a great project, says Thorbjørn Jensen in Nordic Steel.


For Stela bridge, Nordic Steel has delivered:

  • Cross-bearers
  • Brackets
  • Slot plates
  • Railing posts
  • Land vessel poles


Stela bridge crosses the river Brumunda just south of Mjøstårnet. Pedestrians and cyclists in the area, now have a uninterrupted hiking area consisting of many kilometers.

 Close to Stela bridge is also Mjøstårnet , the world's tallest wooden building. Nordic Steel has also delivered steel to Mjøstårnet.


Facts about Stela bridge:


  • Truss bridge in glulam
  • 40 meters long
  • Weighs 70 tons
  • 100 m2 glass railing
  • LED lighting
  • Built to handle 200-year floods
  • General contractor Dobloug Entreprenør AS




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