New offshore wind contract for Nordic Steel

Nordic Steel has been awarded a contract by Aibel to supply ventilation ducts for the Hornsea 3 offshore wind farm off the east coast of the UK.

- "We win another contract within renewable energy and look forward to taking part in a future-oriented project like Hornsea 3. The trust we receive from Aibel on offshore wind shows that Nordic Steel delivers quality and completes the projects on time, and that the cooperation between the companies is extremely good," says Thor Erik Hebnes, head of the HVAC department in Nordic Steel.

Hornsea 3 is the third development of the Hornsea field in the North Sea, off the east coast of the UK. Danish energy company Ørsted is the operator and developer.

Illustration: Aibel

Dogger Bank and Hornsea

Nordic Steel has delivered ventilation ducts to Doggerbank A, B and C for Aibel since 2020. Now Hornsea 3 is next, where two converter platforms will be equipped with top quality ventilation ducts.

Aibel will build two converter platforms for Hornsea 3. HVDC, or high-voltage direct current technology, will be used to supply energy to 3 million British households. Ventilation is very important on this type of platform and the ducting must be of the highest quality.

- "We will produce 130 tonnes of ventilation ducts for each of the converter platforms. This contract means that we have work until mid-2024," Hebnes explains.

Welder Steffen Siqveland and department manager Thor Erik Hebnes in Nordic Steel's production facilities

Large projects are a good fit

The investment in renewable energy is paying off for Nordic Steel.

- Our experience and expertise in renewable energy is highlighted by operators and customers. In our group, we handle everything from project management to drawing, production and logistics. We have an apparatus that handles large projects very well, and therefore Hornsea 3 is a very good fit for Nordic Steel," says Hebnes.

Nordic Steel is Norway's leading manufacturer of ventilation ducts and equipment for all industries, also known as HVAC equipment. For Hornsea 3, ducts in class A, Simduct (class F), B and E are supplied.

Welding of ventilation duct

Norway's leading competence center in steel

Nordic Steel is a supplier to future-oriented projects in all industries, and has solid experience in areas such as offshore wind, land-based aquaculture and energy and power supply.

- More and more people are choosing us as their supplier because we make sustainable choices in our own operations, offer environmental declarations and green steel. We are a reliable partner who documents that we deliver quality and have real implementation capacity," says Hebnes.

All production in Nordic Steel takes place at Bryne.

- We are close to the production all the time, which benefits our customers. When Aibel chooses Nordic Steel for Hornsea 3, they support Norwegian production and secure local jobs. We really appreciate that," Hebnes concludes.

Facts about Hornsea 3

  • Offshore wind development in the UK sector of the North Sea
  • Hornsea is 120 kilometres from the Norfolk coast and 160 kilometres from the Yorkshire coast
  • Hornsea 3 is the third offshore wind farm development on the Hornsea field
  • Hornsea 1 was commissioned in 2019, Hornsea 2 in 2022
  • Hornsea 1 and 2 are the world's largest offshore wind farms already in operation
  • Hornsea 3 will provide clean energy to over 3.2 million households in the UK
  • In total, the Hornsea 3 development is 2.85 Gigawatts of green electricity
  • Ørsted, named the world's most sustainable energy company, is the developer and operator of the Hornsea field

Sources: Aibel, Ørsted,

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